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With customers constantly bouncing between the online and offline worlds, integrated campaigns are key to connecting. By simply expanding your storytelling, you can attract more attention and extend your reach. The research has proven that combining web, email and mobile with print drives better results.

So, what are the top takeaways and tips for creating an integrated experience that includes direct mail?

Amp up digital campaigns with direct mail

In a digital-driven landscape, physical messages stand out and spark interest. Here are some winning combinations:

Direct mail and mobile

Geolocation data combined with geo-fencing can map the customer journey to increase response rates.

Direct mail and online

Direct mail can encourage certain online behaviours. For example, you can send a postcard with a reminder that a customer left items in an abandoned cart – and offer an incentive to buy to further drive that conversion.

Direct mail and social

Social media offers a personal connection that can be leveraged to generate buzz and extend the reach of direct mail campaigns. For example, include social media logos on offline creative to encourage online shares.

Direct mail and out of home

You can target more precisely by connecting programmatic out of home and direct mail. Geolocation data matches audiences on the move with billboard locations to ensure companies actually reach the right audiences across all the right channels.

Direct mail and email

Use physical mail to re-engage lapsed customers or remind them about an unopened email. Include a unique promo code to track success.

Direct mail and search engine marketing

Send direct mail with exclusive, online offers. Include in-store coupons on search engine marketing ads.

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Channel sequencing can impact marketing success

There’s no one-size-fits-all formula to determine the order of your media mix. However, research suggests that the impact of direct mail is strongest when it comes after digital advertising. For instance:

Direct mail after email

In this combination, brand recall (awareness) peaks. It also sustains attention for longer than other integrated marketing campaigns, making it an ideal combination to feature long-form and complex content.

Direct mail after digital display

This combination is best for connecting with people’s emotions, which helps build loyalty.

Direct mail after pre-roll

This is a valuable integration for marketers looking to boost conversions. Direct mail marketing builds on the time-limited engagement with video, which works to strengthen motivation.

Test, learn, repeat

Whether it’s a dedicated discount code on your direct mail or a marketing URL (MURL), it’s important to include a means to measure how well your campaigns perform. Measuring helps you learn what mix works best and which touchpoints resonate most. It enables you to put the guidelines and industry precedents to the test for your business. The goal is to experiment, learn from experience, repeat and scale up quickly to achieve success.

Learning from successes

When it comes to integrated campaigns, the success stories are numerous – from Golf Town using direct mail to turn online browsers into in-store shoppers; to RBC and OVO influencing young entrepreneurs with direct mail as part of an integrated campaign; to Barbies restaurants serving up a tasty platter of billboards, television, radio and direct mail. Tap into these (and many, many more) to get inspired about creating a successful integrated campaign for your brand.

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