Simplify your life: 5 advantages of using epost to manage your bills and statements

February 11, 2014
2 minute read

While notifying your service providers, such as banks and utility companies, of your change in billing address, why not change the way you receive your bills altogether? Moving is an ideal time to sign up for epost™, which lets you receive and manage your bills online, in one place.

With quick and easy registration, you won’t have to worry about missing payments if billing cycles don’t line up with your moving date. (Although this won’t be a concern if you signed up for Mail Forwarding.) In the long run, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a service that’s designed to save you time and stay better organized.

These are reasons why over 7.8 million Canadians are already registered with epost:

1. It’s convenient

epost lets you view and manage your statements from a single digital mailbox, so you avoid the hassle of dealing with multiple emails from your service providers, websites and  passwords. All your documents can simply be organized in  folders and stored for up to seven years.

2. It’s comprehensive

Fully integrated with all the major banks and credit unions, epost offers 250 bills and statements from over 100 mailers, including cable, phone, utilities, credit cards, and government services — with more being added all the time. Many organizations also use epost to deliver pay statements and tax documents.

3. It’s safe and secure

Your epost account is secured by the most advanced encryption technology – that means bank-grade security. And, unlike email, you receive only the mail you sign up for – no ads, no SPAM, no junk mail

4. It’s for more than bills

epost Vault is an online safety deposit box where you can securely store digital copies of your important documents like wills, passports and more. You never have to email sensitive personal information because you can easily share selected documents with anyone you want anytime, anywhere.

5. Best of all it’s free!

It doesn’t cost you anything to receive your bills and statements through epost. And if you add two or more bills when you sign up at epost, you’ll be automatically entered into our monthly $1,000 draw!

Are you already using epost? How has it helped you to save time and stay organized?