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Canada Post surveyed 5,000 Canadians to find out how their shopping habits are evolving and where they are headed next. Take a look.

Keep your finger on the pulse

The surge in online shopping isn’t slowing down. Our latest research explores what’s happening in the ecommerce market, how Canadian shoppers are changing and how you can turn that evolution into opportunity. Use these insights to keep pace and set your business up for success this holiday season and into 2022.

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Learn how ecommerce is evolving

Ecommerce has accelerated at a record pace and is on track to continue growing in 2022. Now is the time to ensure your ecommerce strategy is optimized to set your business up for success. Shopper behaviour and expectations have significantly changed over the past year. Here are some key stats from 2021 that illustrate a major shift from retail to ecommerce:


89% of Canadians plan to spend more or the same amount on online purchases in the coming year.


Shoppers made an average of 27.4 online purchases per year (up from 16.6 in 2019).


68% of curbside pickup users plan to maintain or increase their use.

Shopper frequency continues to climb. 1/3 of Canadian online shoppers are making 25-75+ online purchases for delivery annually – a 16% increase since 2019.

Key takeaway:

Ecommerce is growing in Canada with no signs of slowing down. Canadians are more comfortable shopping online and know what a best-in-class customer experience looks like. Meeting their needs will help drive customers to shop with you.

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Master ecommerce basics

With increased ecommerce spending comes increased competition and expectations. By paying close attention to the factors that attract and convert customers, you will help get customers through checkout.

A laptop displays a shopping cart icon.

Ensure shipping fees are manageable

80% focus on shipping cost when choosing a retailer.

Fulfill orders efficiently

42% will choose one retailer over another because they process orders more quickly.

Keep customers informed

44% will abandon their cart if a delivery date is not provided.

Be transparent about returns

63% of shoppers will not complete a transaction due to concerns over the return policy.

Eliminate ecommerce barriers

65% will abandon their cart because the online store is too difficult to navigate.



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Build long-term loyalty

Already mastered the ecommerce basics? Go further by learning which features stand out from the pack and help you retain your hard-earned customers.

A woman in a pale green sweater holds a wooden boomerang.

Be consistent

50% expect retailers to offer a consistent experience across all digital channels.


Offer value

46% will choose a retailer because of their loyalty/rewards program.


Connect pre-purchase

40% of customers think offering recommendations based on browsing history is a standout feature.

Provide flexible options

74% of in-store pickup users plan to maintain or increase their use.


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Online shopping has evolved. Provide shoppers with options to better meet their expectations.

Prepare for a successful 2021 holiday season

You get one chance to impress. Grow your sales by offering your customers the superior experience they deserve.

Communicate clearly with customers – especially this holiday season. If you manage Canadians’ expectations upfront and throughout the customer experience, they will reward you with purchases and loyalty. Here’s how to win the holidays:

Prepare ecommerce operations

Plan and adapt early to meet shopper expectations, drive conversions and strengthen customer loyalty.

Manage expectations

Engage in clear and transparent communications with shoppers throughout the holiday shopping season.

Be upfront

Provide an easy-to-find and clear return policy.

Start early

Strategically plan and execute your promotions early to spread out order volumes. Consider extending your return policies to match your promotions and encourage early shopping.

Maximize reach

Leverage your website and marketing channels to communicate promotions, shipping deadlines and delays. Use your physical location to balance volumes and optimize your customer experience.


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Think future forward

Consumer expectations have evolved, raising the stakes for retailers. Understanding the future shopper will be critical to getting ahead. Here’s who they are shaping up to be.

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Not all shoppers are in the same place. The recent shifts in shopping habits, born of necessity, will continue to have a lasting effect.

They plan to use ecommerce to support shopping on and offline.

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