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Canada Post surveyed 2,500 Canadians to find out how their shopping habits are evolving and where they are headed next. Take a look.

Drive your business forward in 2021

New year, new online shopping behaviour. Our latest research explores what’s changed. Use it to set your business up for success in 2021.

Learn how e-commerce is accelerating

E-commerce is on track to grow in 2021. Now is the time to rethink your retail strategy. If you’re newer to e-commerce, there’s never been a better time to elevate your online presence, make your business stand out, and set yourself up for success. Shopper behaviour has changed a lot this year. Here are some key stats that illustrate a major shift from retail to e-commerce:


Since the start of the pandemic, nearly 50% of Canadian customers report buying more online.


The average Canadian has increased their online purchasing by 19% since 2019.


93% of shoppers plan to maintain or increase their online shopping in the next 6-8 months.

Nearly 1 in 3 Canadians are actively avoiding in-store shopping.

Key takeaway:

E-commerce is growing exponentially – but don’t give up on your in-store channel. Instead, rethink it. Use it as a fulfillment point or create an in-store experience to inspire customers to shop with you.


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Master e-commerce basics

As e-commerce purchasing spikes, competition among retailers is heating up. To stand out from the pack and turn browsers into buyers, master these e-commerce basics.

A laptop displays a shopping cart icon.

Offer free shipping

84% will shop more often with a retailer that provides free shipping.

Offer a choice of shipping speeds

69% will shop more often with a retailer that provides fast shipping, however, this is 9% less than last year.

Keep customers informed

78% choose retailers that manage their expectations throughout the experience.

Fulfill orders fast

60% say processing and shipping orders quickly is a reason to shop with their favourite retailer.

Stock quality merchandise

40% say it's a reason to shop with their favourite retailer.

Offer free returns

76% will shop more often with retailers that provide free returns.

Key takeaway:

How does your business measure up? Evaluate your mastery of these e-commerce basics to identify any gaps. Free shipping and returns are becoming a bigger priority as Canadians do more of their shopping online. Offering these perks puts customers at ease and encourages them to try new retailers and products.

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Build long-term loyalty

Already mastered the e-commerce basics? Go further by learning how to retain your hard-earned customers. Here are some of the top ways to build long-term loyalty.

A woman in a pale green sweater holds a wooden boomerang.

Offer unique or prized products

42% say offering hard-to-find items will help keep them coming back.


Let customers weigh in

32% are loyal to a retailer that offers reviews and user-generated content.


Get involved

19% show their loyalty to retailers who showcase their values, community involvement and/or dedication to the environment.

Ship safe

73% will shop more often with retailers that ensure their packages are secure – even when they’re not home to receive them.


Offer flexible returns

33% will return to a retailer that has a flexible return policy.


Give back

17% will keep returning to retailers that offer a great loyalty program.

Key takeaway:

It’s critical to differentiate your e-commerce business and stand out from the crowd. Once you’ve mastered the basics, shift your focus to how you can add value for the customer. It’s your opportunity to let them know how much they matter to your business and motivate loyalty. Keeping a customer always costs less than finding a new one.