Canada: Opportunity north of the border

37 million people who share your values, language and border. A thriving economy of online shoppers and international travelers. Connect with Canadians using Canada’s preferred shipper and leader in e-commerce and marketing solutions.

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A shopping cart icon. We love to buy from American brands

A circle graph containing the statistic, “67 per cent of Canadian online shoppers have bought from the U.S.*“.

Canadians shop from the U.S. for the following key reasons: Availability of product or brand, better price and better selection.

A shopping bag icon. We return to purchase again and again

A circle graph containing the statistic, “76 per cent of Canadian cross-border shoppers plan to continue ordering from the U.S.*“.

Online shopping is the Canadian way to engage with treasured American brands. Seasoned cross-border shoppers, we’ll seek the wide variety you offer.

A tear-away calendar icon. We love to visit

An upward pointing arrow with the stat, “22 billion annual spend by Canadians in the U.S.†”.

Our closest neighbor, America, is easy to visit. We come to the U.S. more than any other nation.

A dollar bill icon. We come to spend

An upward pointing arrow with the stat, “$1,180 average spend for overnight trips to the U.S.†”.

America offers so many opportunities that we can’t help but spend when we come to visit.


Sell to Canada

Connect to every Canadian household by partnering with the preferred shipper of Canadians.

Canadians are savvy online shoppers. Their expectations have been shaped by previous experiences with best-in-class national and global merchants.

Canada Post offers solutions for every step of the shopper journey and completes the online shopping experience for millions of Canadians through exceptional final mile delivery.

Enjoy the experience of Canada’s shipping leader to develop a successful, sustainable and scalable cross-border strategy.


Bring Canada to you

Canadians and Americans share culture, values and a language – but there are important differences. Canada Post can help you navigate them and deliver your marketing message the way Canadian audiences want to receive it.

With over 3 billion data points collected from our network – and direct access every Canadian mailbox – draw on a suite of marketing solutions to build powerful direct mail campaigns.


Grow your business north of the border

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* Source: 2019 Canadian Online Shopper Study, CPC 19-200, April 2019
† Source: Statistic Canada Travel & Tourism