Target the right audience for your direct mail campaign

    Our free online tool, Precision Targeter TM, enables you to plan your next marketing mailing using interactive maps and demographic data. You can send flyers, postcards or samples to every mailbox in a selected neighbourhood.
    Use Precision TargeterHow to create a mailing plan

    Why use Precision Targeter

    Flexible audience selection

    Choose how many direct mail pieces you want to send and how much you want to spend.

    Save money

    Target the addresses with the most potential and avoid wasting marketing dollars.

    Detailed reports

    View interactive maps with your selected routes, summary of your demographic choices and an estimated cost for your campaign.

    What you can do with Precision Targeter

    • Choose from 14 demographic categories based on driving distance from your business, household age and income, as well as the type of residence by house, apartment or business
    • Use interactive maps to target specific routes, neighbourhoods or an entire region
    • Adjust your routes based on our up to date demographic data to suit your business’marketing campaign goals
    • Import, export and share your saved mailing plans with partners and clients

    Get started with Precision Targeter by:

    Planning a Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail TM campaign

    Use our interactive maps and data to plan your mailing. Select routes based on your business needs, save or export mailing plans or place your order.

    Selecting delivery area counts and maps

    Access residential and business area counts and maps to identify and select the delivery routes that matter to you. Export your selections for use in EST online.

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