Simple application, big rewards

You don’t have to be a Canada Post customer to be eligible for, or to win, the Tales of Triumph Contest. The application process is simple – tell us a bit about your business, answer a few questions and you could win prizes up to $20,000!

Key program dates


April 19

Round 1 applications open


May 14

Round 1 applications close


May 17-28

Canada Post pre-screening committee reviews Round 1 applications and judges to evaluate applications


June 7-14

Finalists notified


June 16

Finalists announced


July 5-23

Round 2 for finalists only


August 9-20

Judges evaluate submissions


October 1

Winners announced

How it works

The application process is split into two rounds.

Open submissions

First, select the category that’s most reflective of your business and answer a few short questions.

The Canada Post Pre-screening Committee will review applications to ensure they meet the category criteria.

Then we’ll contact the finalists – who are eligible to move to Round 2 of the application process.

Selected finalists

Businesses who are selected as finalists will be notified by Canada Post and asked to complete an interview as the next round of the application process.

Finalists and winners are selected by an external panel of judges who evaluate the applications that meet the outlined criteria.