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  • Q. Who can enter the Canada Post Small Business Tales of Triumph Contest?
  • Q. What determines a “small business?”
  • Q. What determines a Canadian company?

Applications and deadlines

  • Q. When is my entry due?
  • Q. Is there a cost to enter?
  • Q. Do I have to be a Canada Post customer to apply?

Application evaluation

  • Q. How are entries evaluated?
  • Q. When and how will I be notified about the status of my entry?
  • Q. How will I know if I won the contest?
  • Q. How do I submit my entry?
  • Q. How many entries may I submit?
  • Q. What language may I submit my entry in?
  • Q. How does Canada’s Choice voting work?
  • Q. How does Employees’ Choice voting work?
  • Q. Can a company win more than one prize?
  • Q. No Changes to Any Submission:


  • Q. Will the information I submit about my company remain confidential?
  • Q. Will Canada Post do any marketing of a company’s brand without permission?

General Queries

  • Q. Why isn't my video being uploaded?
  • Q. What if I need more help?
  • Q. What to do if I have not received my submission confirmation email?
  • Q. Can I apply to more than one contest category?

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