How can integrated marketing help your business?

The market has changed dramatically over the past year. Like the vast majority of small businesses across Canada, we know you faced extraordinary challenges. You had to adapt your business to survive. Marketing your business continues to be critical and generating traffic to your physical or digital store means getting the right customers to see and retain your message. Integrated marketing campaigns can help you grow your business by getting your message noticed, kept and actioned.

In this session, we will explore:

  • how to optimize your social and digital marketing presence;
  • the value of adding direct mail to your marketing mix;
  • how to plan and develop an effective integrated marketing campaign;
  • and how to grow your customer base, build loyalty and generate sales.

We’re here to help you market your small business. Let Canadians know you are open for business, encourage them to think small and shop local and ensure your message reaches and resonates with them.


This session will be held separately in French and English.