As a small business, you have seen firsthand how the market has changed over the past year. Whether you quickly transitioned online, modified your marketing strategy or shifted your delivery model, you had to adapt. Now what?

Discover how to help your brick-and-mortar, e-commerce or multi-channel business survive and thrive in the evolving market. Learn how to make your marketing work for you, take your online store to new heights and ship with confidence to meet your customers’ expectations. Hear from Canada Post and industry experts on how you can achieve success by creating the right marketing mix, optimize your online business and deliver every time.

Event details

May 4, 2021
1 pm – 3:30 pm ET
French session offered on May 6, 2021



Starting Small

Starting Small
1 pm – 1:15 pm ET

Welcome and opening remarks
Mamta Dogra | Senior Manager, Small Business Marketing, Canada Post

Learn from the past to prepare for the future. Our latest research will inform the event’s sessions, provide a starting point for our discussions and leave you with valuable information to help you better understand what your shoppers are expecting in the current market.

1:15 pm – 1:35 pm ET

Mix up your marketing
Tristan Lee | SMB Marketing Lead, Google Canada

Crafting a strong marketing message is essential to your success, but it’s only half the battle. How you share your story and connect with your customers, or potential customers, will impact their response.

Marketing your business is critical to the growth of your business, and generating traffic to your physical or digital store means getting the right customers to see and retain your message.

Learn the importance of sharing your story to define your brand, find and target your ideal customer, optimize your social and digital marketing presence and discover the value of adding direct mail to your marketing mix.

1:35 pm – 1:55 pm ET

Turn e-commerce into commerce
David Nagy | Founder, eCommerce Canada

Adopting and embracing e-commerce may have always been on your to-do list, but over the past year it was likely prioritized quickly. You may have recently started selling online, are in the process of setting up your e-commerce store or were selling online before. Regardless of the scenario, e-commerce may continue to be a selling channel moving forward.

Explore how e-commerce can be a successful revenue stream for your small business. Learn how to maximize profit, overcome common challenges and how your online store can complement your physical location.

1:55 pm – 2:15 pm ET

Optimize your shipping process
Jeff Gopaul | Manager, E-commerce Solutions Integration, Canada Post

Meeting the expectations of your customers could mean the difference between keeping and losing them. Shipping and delivery is an extension of your customer experience. Once a customer clicks ‘buy’, it is your job to fulfill, ship and deliver their purchase through a seamless end-to-end experience.

Discover insights and tips on how to manage orders as they start and grow in volume. Learn about packaging with sustainability in mind, the value of providing your customers with options and the importance of a clear returns strategy.

2:15 pm – 2:25 pm ET

Q&A with expert presenters
Tristan Lee | SMB Marketing Lead, Google Canada
David Nagy | Founder, eCommerce Canada
Jeff Gopaul | Manager, E-commerce Solutions Integration, Canada Post
Moderator: Mamta Dogra | Senior Manager, Small Business Marketing, Canada Post

2:25 pm – 2:35 pm ET

Break & introduction to breakout sessions

2:35 pm – 3 pm ET

Breakout #1: Learning the ropes
Tristan Lee | SMB Marketing Lead, Google Canada
Jeff Gopaul | Manager, E-commerce Solutions Integration, Canada Post

Getting started is half the battle, but once you do, there are some end-to-end fundamentals that will help you establish your business. In this session you will learn how to build a strong digital and physical presence by:

  • Finding and acquiring the right customers
  • Becoming e-commerce enabled as you transition into a multi-channel business
  • Optimizing your e-commerce operations
  • Promoting your business by driving traffic to your store/website.
2:35 pm – 3 pm ET

Breakout #2: Gaining momentum
David Nagy | Founder, eCommerce Canada
Kristi Tomasin | Director of Marketing, Smartmail Marketing, Canada Post

When your order volume starts to increase and you are growing out of your current processes and/or space, it’s time to start thinking about how to gain efficiencies. In this session, you will learn how to improve, simplify and grow your business by:

  • Targeting ideal customers with customer data and integrated campaigns
  • Driving sales through digital and physical marketing tactics
  • Managing multiple selling channels and customer touchpoints
  • Integrating your inventory across physical and digital stores
3 pm – 3:25 pm ET

Panel discussion: Transforming your business for success

Darryl Julott | Managing Lead, Digital Main Street
Corinne Pohlmann | Senior Vice-President, National Affairs and Partnerships, Canadian Federation of Independent Business
Marc Cooper | Partner, President, Junction59
Moderator: Jennifer Mach | Director, Small Business Marketing, Canada Post

Hear from industry experts as they share insights, strategic considerations and tips to help you transform your plan into a sustainable business model. Learn how to benefit from change, overcome growing pains, build on what you have and prepare your business for the road ahead.

3:25 pm – 3:30 pm ET

Closing remarks
Mamta Dogra | Senior Manager, Small Business Marketing, Canada Post