Send and manage your business mail

    Save on postage when mailing high volumes of letters like bills, statements and invoices. Deliver editorial publications and get responses from your customers by including pre-paid reply mail in your mailings. Buy any of our mail services online or at one of our more than 6,200 post offices.

    Save when sending letters in bulk!

    Get discounts on postage when you send large volumes of letters, bills and invoices with Canada and around the world.

    Manage your incoming business mail

    If your business location is moving or you don’t want your mail to pile up while you’re away use our Mail Forwarding or Hold Mail services. Get peace of mind your important mail is safe.

    Forward your mail

    Moving or temporarily relocating? Make sure your mail follows you with our Mail Forwarding service.
    Forward your mail

    Hold your mail

    Don’t let mail pile up while you’re away. Use Hold Mail to keep it safe and private at a Canada Post facility.
    Hold your mail

    Send and track business mail

    Get discounts when you send large volumes of mail like magazines or customer reminder cards (Business Reply Mail). Or register your mail to confirm when your letter arrived and who signed for it.

    Deliver your publication to Canadians

    Get your newspaper, magazine or newsletter delivered to households and apartments safely and in a cost-effective way with Publications MailTM.
    Send out publications

    Collect customer responses with reply mail

    Remind customers to pay a bill, renew a subscription, make a donation or fill out an application. Design and send reply cards and envelopes and increase your likelihood of getting a response.
    Send prepaid reply mail

    Register your mail

    Get a signature to prove it arrived. You pay a flat rate of $9.75 for Registered MailTM - plus regular postage rates.
    Register your mail