Three people are gathered around a laptop in an office.Three people are gathered around a laptop in an office.Three people are gathered around a laptop in an office.

Verify customer identities with Identity+

Authenticate Canadians and communicate securely

Identity+ delivers a digital trust solution for all Canadians. The Identity+ suite enables businesses and government agencies to verify Canadians’ identity, and communicate with Canadians securely, while ensuring privacy and security of individual information.

Prevent fraud with identity verification services that are easy for you to integrate and convenient and secure for your customers.

Identity+ suite

Advanced verification you can trust

Identity+ solutions build on Canada Post's decades of experience with digital identity services to help you seamlessly and securely achieve your goals and meet your customers where they are.


Identity+ solutions meet all Anti-Money Laundering, Know Your Customer (KYC) and FINTRAC financial and privacy regulatory requirements.


Platform-as-a-service model allows you to verify individual identities with little integration or user friction, reducing complexity and maximizing your authentication dollars.


Advanced technology safeguards against identity fraud, including liveness detection, NFC chip reading, biometrics, geolocation, multi-factor authentication and real-time checks against third-party data sources.

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