Registered Mail

Know when your mail arrived and who signed for it

Use Registered MailTM to track your item, get insurance and confirm its arrival with a signature. International options available.

Why use Registered Mail

Your mail is returned to you if the person you're sending it to has moved or the address is incomplete or doesn't exist.

Save with a flat rate

If speed isn’t a concern, and you’re sending a small item, the $9.75 flat rate may save you on tracking and other add-on fees.

Save on your base postage

You may save on postage fees when you use LettermailTM. Use a postage meter or indicia and you can save up to 25% on your base postage, and then add Registered Mail to your mailing mix.

How to buy


Prices are additional to regular postage prices and do not include taxes.

Shipping speed

Actual times may vary. International delivery estimates depend on the destination country's postal service and other criteria.
Shipping speed by destination
Shipping speed by destination Shipping distance Projected arrival date (business days)
Local 2 days
Regional 3 days
National 4 days
U.S. 2-3 days
International 4-7 days

Included features and additional options



You and your customers can track parcels using the unique tracking number. Get email notifications or use our mobile app.


Return to sender

Parcels are returned to you if the customer has moved or the address is incomplete or doesn't exist.

Forwarded mail

If you send Registered Mail to someone's old address, we'll forward the mail to the new address (if the recipient purchased our Mail Forwarding™ service).

Peace of mind


Get proof of delivery with a signature and the time your item was delivered.

Liability coverage up to $100

Every package has an automatic $100 coverage. Purchase additional liability for valuable parcels. Terms and conditions apply.

Receipt of mailing

Get proof of mail registration when you purchase at a post office or prepay using our online shipping tools. You can also print a detachable tracking number to confirm your mail was registered.

Additional liability coverage

Up to $5,000 in Canada only. Terms and conditions apply.

Hard copy signature

Get a free online name and signature, or have a hard copy sent to you for a fee.