Create shipping labels and reach customers worldwide

Use Shipping Manager to create, pay for and print your shipping labels and send your parcels anywhere in the world. Businesses with a parcels contract can access this free online tool and get started printing labels anywhere, without installing any software.

Shipping Manager is replacing the Electronic Shipping Tool (EST) Online (for shipping only, not for mail) and Express Order Entry (EOE). It offers the same features in a more user-friendly, accessible format. See a list of Shipping Manager’s latest, most useful features and learn more about plans for decommissioning EST Online.

Why use Shipping Manager

Start right away

Access the tool and create labels from any device, no software installation necessary. Pay for labels directly with the payment information available on your account.

Manage your own labels

Create and print multiple shipping labels at one time and save shipment dimensions to use again.

Simplify worldwide shipping

Make international shipping simpler by filling out customs forms for any international shipping labels within Shipping Manager. Save these customs details for future orders.

Who can benefit from Shipping Manager

If your business meets the following criteria, get started using this new and improved tool.

  • Businesses with a parcels contract with Canada Post
  • Businesses that ship between 10 and 50 shipments a day
  • Businesses that are set up to pay by account or by credit card

A parcels contract is required to use Shipping Manager. Get in touch with us to find out if you qualify for a parcels contract.

Businesses without parcels contracts or that ship at lower volumes can use the Canada Post Snap ShipTM tool to create shipping labels.

Learn more and get started

If you are a business with a parcels contract and have used EST Online or EOE to create labels previously, you can sign in with your existing account details and start using Shipping Manager right away. Learn about the latest updates and other information on this new tool.

Use Shipping Manager