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Welcome to the always-on world! You’re connected to everything in your life – the people, the places, and increasingly – even the things. In a world of seemingly infinite connectivity, how do brands emotionally connect with customers?

  • Everything, everywhere, all at once

    Explore the marketing challenges of an always-on world.

  • New directions in connectivity

    See where digital connectivity is going and what it means for marketers.

  • Stronger connections

    Understand what real, human connections look like in a digital world.

  • Generating AI value

    Discover how AI improves marketing effectiveness – just not the way you think.

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Business Matters

Deeper human connections are still possible in a hybrid workplace.

Read or listen to “Building extraordinary relationships”
Read or listen to “Building extraordinary relationships”

Business Matters

Edelman on what it takes to build trust among Canadians today.

“Read ‘Navigating a polarized world”
“Read ‘Navigating a polarized world”

Business Matters

Sephora glows up customer retargeting with direct mail.

Read “More than a pretty face”
Read “More than a pretty face”

Business Matters

Expert insights on the opportunities of programmatic mail.

Read “Get with the program”
Read “Get with the program”

Business Matters

Discover a key channel for a post-Web 2.0 world.

Read “Directions and directness”
Read “Directions and directness”

Business Matters

Break up with personalization that doesn’t meet your needs.

Read “Generation Ex”
Read “Generation Ex”

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From AI to Gen Z

Embrace transformations and drive business growth! Join us in Montreal for our ideas conference.

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Case studies

Grow your business with real-world examples of direct mail in action.

Explore our case studies
Explore our case studies

Grab Gen Z’s attention

Watch our webinar, Meet Gen Z IRL: Capturing the attention of a generation, and explore who these consumers are, what they want and how to engage them.

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Watch on demand

The Essential Guide to Direct Mail

Find out how to plan, integrate and execute direct mail campaigns with this free guide.

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Get the guide

Get the facts

Explore all the facts and figures about direct mail media and its superpowers to connect, captivate and convert.

Explore our data
Explore our data

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"INCITE is one of the only true quality driven, data inspired marketing publications we have left to share great work and inspire our team."

Paul Tedesco, EVP, Managing Director, TrackDDB

Paul Tedesco
EVP, Managing Director

“We actively seek out shareable content that helps marketing professionals strengthen their impact on business success INCITE answers the call." Judy Morfitt, Marketing Lead, Canadian Marketing Association

Judy Morfitt, Marketing Lead, Canadian Marketing Association

Judy Morfitt
Marketing Lead,
Canadian Marketing Association

INCITE is my go-to resource to discover what's on the minds of marketers. I often quote from its pages knowing full well the information is well-researched and on the leading edge."

Christine McArthur, Managing Partner, Mass Minority

Christine McArthur
Managing Partner, Mass Minority

“If you’re looking for an insightful and inspiring take on Canada’s marketing landscape – you’ve found it.”

Nabil Rachid, Creative Director, The&Partnership

Nabil Rachid
Creative Director, The&Partnership

“I received a copy of INCITE and thought it was fantastic. I love the layout and content.”

Caius Tenche, Founder and Creative Director, Gearbox Experiential

Caius Tenche
Founder and Creative Director, Gearbox Experiential

“I love INCITE. A source of inspiration for me.”

Joanna Wiseberg, President, Red Scarf Gift Co.

Joanna Wiseberg
President, Red Scarf Gift Co.

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