Reflect. Reinvent. Revolutionize.

The ecommerce industry is booming and its growth is showing no signs of slowing down. Your business may have boomed with it, but can you sustain that growth? With so many new players in the game, you’ll need a great strategy to compete and win. We can help you create one and move boldly into the future to seize new opportunities. It’s time to reflect, reinvent and revolutionize.

What to expect

Reflect. Reinvent. Revolutionize. is a 2.5-hour virtual event that brings together top retailers and industry experts from across the country. They share data-driven insights, inspiration, tactics and actionable strategies on ecommerce, marketing, sales and customer relations.

This event will arm retailers with the knowledge they need to amplify their brand, increase sales and stand out in the crowd.

Watch on demand to discover everything you need to know to stay competitive and identify new growth opportunities for your business.

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This event is for medium-to-large-sized ecommerce businesses selling within Canada and abroad.

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Thought leadership from the comfort of home or office.

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On demand

Reflect: The power and purpose of knowing your customers

Mamta Dogra | Director of Parcels & Ecommerce Enterprise Marketing | Canada Post

Reflection is important in business. It gives us the opportunity to pause amidst the chaos, understand through customer data and experience and create meaning through purpose. Business leaders know all too well that the most important relationship is the one with the customer. Retaining customers and increasing the lifetime value of your customer base stems from creating meaningful relationships – which is more important than ever.

Does brand loyalty still exist, or is it just going through a shakeup? What is the future of brand loyalty? In this session, Mamta Dogra, Director of Parcels & Ecommerce Enterprise Marketing at Canada Post, will help you understand the consumers’ mindset and how they’re evaluating their relationships with brands. Through our latest consumer research, she’ll help you realize how to be true to your brand values and create top notch experiences based on those. These factors will help develop real customer loyalty.

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Reinvent: Evolving your brand to drive business growth

Shari Walczak | Co-Founder | The Garden

Jennifer Lee | Global Managing Partner for Global Financial Advisory | Deloitte

Danielle Doiron | General Manager of Marketing | Canada Post

Ron Tite (host) | Purpose-Driven Leadership and Marketing Expert

Reinvention means understanding that you can’t follow the same rules or conventions to keep up with the competition, the everchanging market, emerging technology and evolving consumer mindsets. Many of Canada’s most beloved brands have had to undergo radical transformations to reinvent themselves and secure customer loyalty. To thrive in today’s disruptive world, you must adopt a reinvention mindset to maintain longevity and protect your bottom line.

Our panel of experts will guide you through the new reinvention mindset. They’ll share their perspectives and observations on what they consider to be best practices in brand building – how to boost awareness, how to make customers feel special and how to create value to succeed. Once you’ve committed to reinvention, you can operate from a meaningful place and genuinely look for ways to offer value. You can create powerful connections that go above and beyond profitable growth. This is what makes top brands so successful – and the key to securing your own pathway to success.

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Revolutionize: How to lead and create disruption within organizations

Ron Tite | Purpose-Driven Leadership and Marketing Expert

“The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.” In 1970, Gil Scott-Heron released a single that would go down as one of the anthems of grassroots movements. It’s the perfect theme song for what businesses are going through these days.

The massive change most of us are experiencing is happening faster than anyone could have predicted. The impact is larger than we ever imagined as companies, movements and institutions we thought were too big to fail are failing. And the organizations and people who are often toppling regimes? They’re relative unknowns with limited experience, no legacy and who usually exist outside the establishment. Because of that, they (and their activities) are undetected until it’s too late.

This change is usually defined as “disruption.” But it’s not disruption.
It’s a coup.

The business establishment is up against anti-establishment forces who are starting to eat your lunch. They’re attracting interest, dollars, participation, and they’re attracting attention. And whenever someone’s paying attention to them, they’re not paying attention to you. That’s not good.

The anti-establishment forces are challenging what you do, how you do it and how you define success by writing and following their own rules. So, what do you do? Give up? Throw in the towel?

Just hand the keys to the planet over to Millennials? Go down with your long-held beliefs that there’s only one way to do things?

There’s an incorrect assumption that you’re either a member of the establishment or you’re not. That you’re either David or you’re Goliath. That you’re either a nimble chaotic start-up or you’re a slow and process driven institution.

That’s wrong. We can be both. We can stick it to the man even if we are the man. We can learn to incorporate anti-establishment behaviours into what we do so we can compete, win back share and even pull some of them over to our side.

That’s what this humourous and insightful presentation will cover. The Revolution will not be televised. But during this keynote address, it certainly will be planned.