Return to sender: Cracking the code on ecommerce returns

Tune in to crack the code on the often dynamic – and always demanding – world of customer returns. In this webinar we explore the returns experiences, challenges and expectations of Canadian online shoppers and merchants. You can use these insights to create a returns strategy that’s right for your business, customers and the planet.

The challenge of ecommerce returns for businesses

Ecommerce returns are the classic double-edged sword. When done correctly, they help merchants stand out from competitors, boost sales and build customer loyalty. But excessive returns can take up a lot of time and money and can be harmful for the environment as packaging and returned products tend to end up in landfills.

Online merchants need to work strategically to create returns experiences that satisfy everyone.

This webinar is full of actionable takeaways that will help you optimize your website, finetune your pricing strategies, bolster your profits, streamline your operations, embrace eco-friendly practices and elevate your overall customer experience.

What we’ll cover

In this webinar, we’ll examine:

  • Customer and merchant attitudes towards returns
  • The primary drivers behind online returns
  • Customer-friendly return policies
  • Proactive strategies to minimize returns
  • And much more!

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