"Marketing Innovations: Inspiring success stories"

Our newest Secrets of Direct Mail webinar is on-demand

Direct mail is not always easy or intuitive, but it can be incredibly effective. In this webinar, learn how other marketers have elevated their marketing using innovative tools like Predictive Eye Tracking and more.

Neuroscience expert Diana Lucaci shows you how to build successful campaigns and improve relevance by using neuro-design principles and optimization tips. She also dives into how to use trueSCAN and concept testing technology, such as Predictive Eye Tracking (PET).

Dive into campaign case studies

During this webinar we’ll take a close look at recent marketing campaign case studies and hear firsthand how they: leveraged data learnings to address specific business objectives, tested creative to home in on their ideal customer and measured their success. Explore their campaign results, key learnings and plans for future campaigns.

Webinar overview:

  • Get insights on how to use neuroscience to make an impact.
  • Hear how other businesses elevated results using innovative tools like Predictive Eye Tracking.
  • Be inspired by other marketers and key successes they had leveraging these tools.

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