IGNITE: Meaningful customer connections

Human connections are at the heart of today’s marketing. The right customer experience strategy can be a powerful differentiator. Optimize customer experience with insights from industry leaders. 

From deeper customer connections to marketing integration, this conference will inspire you to ignite your customer experience across all touch points – before, during and after conversion.

What to expect

Discover more about how human connections are at the heart of today’s marketing and how you can create and deliver seamless experiences that forge positive, emotional connections with customers.

You’ll find out how the best brands are growing and addressing this shift in the customer journey. We’ll examine:

  • Key technology trends and innovations for marketing integration
  • The evolution of the shopping experience, consumer expectations and the role of the store and home
  • Why brand experience is the new customer experience
  • How being good to your people is good for business
  • And more

*Additional events will be held in Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal (to be held in French). More information will be posted soon, including dates and locations. Be sure to check back.

Event Details

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Sonya Bacon

Sonya Bacon

  • Vice-President, Strategy
  • Archipel

Brands and values: The new business drivers

Companies that adopt a social purpose see a major shift in the way marketing is integrated and delivered. Over the past decade, consumers around the world have raised their expectations when it comes to the role businesses play in society. They are using their purchasing power to set higher expectations for retailers. This shift has had a huge impact on brand identity.

Social purpose is an emerging trend in business. Companies with such a purpose define their mission in terms of the good they do for people and the planet. This process enables organizations to establish a competitive framework and create opportunities for maximizing profits and building shareholder value. Social purpose companies exist to create a better world, but also to create sustainable branding.

During this session, Sonya will share more about what young millennials and Gen Z want to see and hear from modern brands, how to make your brand more human and customer-centred, what new technologies mean for the branding industry and what the latest trends are in design and branding with purpose.


Sonya has been involved in the Canadian advertising industry for over 20 years and has worked at top agencies such as Cossette, Sid Lee, TAXI, BOS (now DentsuMcGarryBowen) and Publicis Canada in roles ranging from VP Account Services to VP Brand Strategy and Planning.

Her works spans across many prestigious brands and companies as well as industry sectors including pharmaceutical, telecommunications, packaged goods, food, entertainment, retail and financial services. Sonya is the recipient of several EFFIES for campaigns that have reached and surpassed business objectives for her clients.

Sonya is recognized as a valued and trusted strategic planner to the leaders of the most respected organizations and is an active collaborator in communication industries in Montreal and across Canada. She is also currently a teacher at Concordia and Sherbrooke universities.

Diana Lucaci

Diana Lucaci

  • Founder & CEO
  • True Impact

Trust, but verify: Neuroscience tips on crafting and optimizing marketing campaigns

Trust is at the core of any relationship. Whether you're selling accounting software or backpacks, the only way to win is by building meaningful human relationships. Join Diana, neuromarketing expert, in unpacking the elements of trust and learn how to craft a concise, compelling and clear message.

In this session, Diana will discuss the top marketing challenges, the competition for visual attention and what neuroscience can teach us about human decision making. Using examples from the field, she will explore the relationship between content copy and graphic design to understand the mechanics of a compelling marketing campaign. Learn some quick tips you can use to drive higher conversion rates, improve customer retention and reach higher acquisition levels.


Diana Lucaci is the Founder and CEO of True Impact, a neuromarketing firm offering solutions for emotion data. True Impact leverages its expertise in the neurological drivers of consumer decision making to drive growth for mid-to-large organizations including Canada Post, General Motors, Colgate-Palmolive, Costco, Miller Coors, and other Fortune 500s. Lucaci holds a degree in Neuroscience and Psychology from the University of Toronto.

A board member of the Canadian Research Insights Council and committee member of the Standards Council of Canada, Diana has also served as Chair of the Neuromarketing Science and Business Association (NMSBA, 2012-2018) and won the Best-in-Class Research Award from the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA).

My-Linh Diep

My-Linh Diep

  • Consultant and Learning facilitator
  • Continuum Health

Belonging and well-being: The invisible diversity

Belonging is a multidimensional emotion that can elicit positive feelings, but it can also directly impact our well-being and affect emotions, behaviours, interactions and engagement with brands.

Communications, marketing and advertising communities can engage in positive social impact by improving people’s well-being. Revisiting the creative and leadership process can help access the invisible diversity of consumer well-being.

Join My-Linh as she helps you to understand the impacts of belonging on people’s well-being. She’ll provide you with a better understanding and awareness of the social impact that advertising can have.


My-Linh refers to herself as “the human connector” – always looking for meaningful conversations.

Active in the wellness and consulting realm for almost 20 years, My-Linh focuses on facilitating conversations and actions to create and cultivate inclusive and psychologically safe spaces in the workplaces. Supporting organizations to equip their teams and to understand the intersection of inclusion, belonging and psychological safety.

With lived mental health experience and a self-designated black belt in (her own) panic attack management, it became her mission to spark hopeful conversations and break the isolation. In addition, she is a certified Mental Health Trainer recognized by the Mental Health Commission of Canada, and holds a certification in Leadership and Inclusion.


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