Securely share files and collaborate online

Connect lets you securely share confidential messages, documents and files outside of your corporate firewall with one or many customers, colleagues, partners and suppliers. It’s ideal for government departments and agencies that require secure electronic delivery of Protected B level documents.

Which Connect service is right for your organization?

When privacy and security are critical, trust Connect from Canada Post to deliver. We offer 2 methods of secure digital file sharing for customers Connect Collaboration and Connect Bulk Distribution.

Connect Collaboration

The collaboration service is a private and secure group work environment. You can:

Connect Collaboration
  • Create an unlimited number of private conversations
  • Share information and documents
  • Post messages to the group
  • Control who can join the conversation

How does the pricing work?

You’ll pay a monthly licence fee starting as low as $35 for each license. The longer the term of your contract and the more licenses you have, the less you pay.

Connect Bulk Distribution

Automate how you send large volumes of sensitive electronic files from machine-to-machine.Connect Bulk Distribution is ideal for sharing these types of files:

Connect Bulk Distribution
  • bills and invoices
  • account statements
  • insurance policies
  • legal documents

How does the pricing work?

Costs start as low as $1.50/transaction with a commitment of 1,000 transactions.Footnote 1

Why you should use Connect

It’s secure

Your documents (up to Protected B) are stored in Canada and encrypted using 256 bit AES encryption. Ideal for:

It’s secure
  • RFP responses
  • legal documents
  • healthcare records
  • large files

It’s easy to use

Sending Connect messages is as easy as sending email –but really secure. This means no complicated apps to download or conflicts with your internal security.Footnote 1

You’ll save money

Spend less on physical document printing and delivery costs.

Available in all major file formats

Send multiple file attachments with each message (up to 1 GB each) that email firewalls usually reject, like executable (exe.) and zip files.

How to get started

Talk with a Connect solution expert for more information and pricing options.

Contact an expert

Looking for more information about Connect?


Read the Administrator guide if you’re creating and managing Connect accounts.

Read the guide


Read the Collaborator guide if you’re creating and inviting people to conversations in Connect.

Read the guide


Read the Participant guide if you’ve been invited to participate in Connect conversation.

Read the guide

Having technical difficulties with the service?

Contact a Connect customer service representative at 1-877-376-1212 (available 24 hours a day).