Senior management team

Get to know the people leading our business

Learn about how our senior management team manages our products and services as well as the advancement of our business.

Executive leadership

  • Doug Ettinger

    • President and CEO
  • Nathalie Delisle

    • Senior Vice-President, General Counsel and Sustainability
  • Jan C. Faryaszewski

    • Chief Financial Officer
  • Manon Fortin

    • Chief Operating Officer
  • Rod Hart

    • Chief Customer and Marketing Officer
  • Susan Margles

    • Chief People and Safety Officer
  • Jo-Anne Polak

    • Senior Vice-President, Corporate and Employee Communications


  • Daniel Beaulne

    • Vice-President, Health and Safety
  • Alexandre Brisson

    • Vice-President, Operations Transformation
  • Michael Butera

    • Vice-President, Pension Fund and Chief Investment Officer
  • Carrie Chisholm

    • Vice-President, Environment, Social, Governance (ESG)
  • Rindala El-Hage

    • Vice-President, Finance and Controller
  • Jon Hamilton

    • Vice-President, Strategic Communications and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Anjali Kapal

    • Vice-President, Product Management and Customer Experience
  • Ian Kerr

    • Vice-President, Business Transformation
  • Alice Lafferty

    • Vice-President, Operations Excellence
  • Serge Pitre

    • Vice-President, Business Development
  • Mike Shearon

    • Vice-President, Operations
  • Michael Yee

    • Vice-President, Retail and Financial Services