Children’s projects the Foundation supports

    Canada Post gives grants to charitable organizations, schools, libraries and communities to support children and youth (up to age 21) initiatives. Find out if your project qualifies for a grant.

    Types of projects that are eligible for grants

    Our mission is to make a positive impact in the lives of Canadian children. Grants are available for projects that support 3 areas:

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    Projects that support better futures for children including social services, arts and culture.

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    Projects that support education, therapeutic and rehabilitative programs.

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    Projects that support the health and physical activity of children from vulnerable communities or with disabilities or illnesses.

    Grant funds

    Over the past 8 years, the Community Foundation has given over $8 million to more than 780 projects in an effort to positively impact our communities.

    How much is each grant?

    Project grants: Grants are awarded up to $25,000. Grants to schools, school/parent organizations, daycares, sports teams and all recreation facilities (for example, pools, ice rinks, skateboard parks) can receive up to a maximum of $5,000.

    Signature Grant: National organizations that support children and youth projects are eligible to apply for a $50,000* grant.

    How grant funds are accumulated

    Funds for Community Foundation grants come from:

    • Annual in-store campaigns
    • Sales from special fundraising stamp
    • Employee donation support

    Review the financial statements of the Community Foundation for an annual breakdown of donations and Foundation activities.

    Who can apply for a grant?

    • Registered charities and non-profit organizations
    • Schools
    • Community or Indigenous Peoples groups
    • Libraries
    • Canadian amateur athletic associations

    Foundation grants would NOT support:

    • professional or amateur sports teams
    • activities outside Canada
    • debt reduction campaigns
    • lobby, advocacy or partisan groups that promote a particular social, political or economic point of view
    • fundraising events (i.e. golf tournaments, runs or races, galas) or initiatives
    • brand or general advertising (i.e., as distinguished from information directly related to front-line activities)
    • financial assistance for individuals
    • trade shows
    • organizations, political parties or other programs that require, as a condition for receiving support or services, an adherence to, or promotion of a particular religious faith, political affiliation or cultural group
    • conventions, conferences or events
    • ongoing operating costs (e.g., administrative costs not directly linked to delivery of front-line programs) (Signature Grants are exempted )
    • pure academic or basic research
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    School projects that are eligible for grants

    • Library supplies
    • Electronics
    • Musical instruments
    • Sports equipment
    • Participation in school-organized humanitarian efforts
    • After-school programs
    • Science fairs and other educational events
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    School projects that aren’t eligible for grants

    • Salaries and administration costs for school employees
    • School trips
    • Standard classroom supplies
    • Professional development

    How we select grant recipients

    An independent Board of Trustees uses a point systems to decide which projects get funding. Organizations get additional points when a Canada Post employee is involved with the project being submitted.

    Next steps and support

    Apply for a grant

    Find out how to apply for a grant.