Send your class letters to the North Pole

    Have your students write letters to Santa this holiday season. Santa will reply with a class poster that includes all of your students’ names.

    Encourage your students to write to Santa

    It’s free

    Please place all of the letters from your class in 1 large envelope, include your school’s address and drop it in a mailbox. No stamps are required.

    Need help getting started? You can download letter templates and our handy checklist to ensure your class poster arrives before the holiday break.

    No one is too old for Santa

    We have a variety of downloadable letter templates for older and younger children.

    Anticipate Santa’s reply

    You send your class list, including the names of any absent students, and Santa will reply with one poster, personalized with the names of your students.

    Santa letter templates for students

    We have letter templates for children of all ages. Encourage your students to include their favourite sports, school subject or activity, jokes, or holiday plans in their letters.

    After your letters are written

    Download our handy checklist to ensure your class poster arrives before the holiday break.

    Addresses to include with your letters

    Put all your letters in 1 large envelope to mail to Santa. Include the full return address of your school on the envelope. Santa knows where your school is, but his postal elves need this information to deliver your class poster.

    Here’s Santa’s address

    Stamps are not required on letters mailed within Canada. Letters mailed from outside of Canada require postage.

    Santa Claus
    North Pole
    H0H 0H0

    Receive a reply to the class from Santa

    It’s a long way to the North Pole and back, send your letters by December 3, 2021 to receive a class poster. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee delivery times outside of Canada.

    Get more information on our Santa letter program

    Contact us and our postal elves will get you answers to any of your questions about the program.