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November 20, 2013

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Christmas Island post office sends smiles around the world with special holiday postmark

November 20, 2013

Posted in News Releases

Christmas Island (N.S.) – The post office in the small village of Christmas Island, in Cape Breton, N.S., is a special holiday destination. At this time of year, thousands of festive greeting cards and packages coming from as far as Hong Kong, Seoul, Paris, Mexico City, Sydney, Tahiti and various points across Canada and the United States flow through the community before reaching their final destination.

These pieces of mail are greeted like old friends by postmistress Hughena MacKinnon, who is ready to add the special postmark that made the tiny post office famous around the world.

“Every year, thousands of people take the time to send me their greeting cards to get the special postmark before it gets delivered,” says postmistress MacKinnon who can stamp almost 2,000 greeting cards a day during the peak holiday season.

“People around the world are willing to put in extra efforts to ensure their greeting cards are unique for their loved ones,” adds Ms. MacKinnon. “That makes our work even more meaningful. I believe we bring an extra smile in the mail when people receive their holiday card or package.”

The tradition dates back 18 years when Ms. MacKinnon's predecessor, Margaret Rose MacNeil, asked Canada Post to create a postmark for the aptly named community.

A 1,000-per-cent increase

These days, the Christmas Island post office becomes almost as busy as Santa’s workshop. The quantity of mail received at the office jumps almost 1,000 per cent between October and December, compared to the rest of the year. Ms. MacKinnon and her postal elves can expect more than 15,000 letters and packages from collectors and holiday enthusiasts around the world anxious to get the official Christmas Island postmark.

Make your holiday cards special this year with a postmark from Christmas Island. Address and place the correct postage (or international reply coupon) on the actual greeting card, insert the card into a larger envelope and send to:

Christmas Island Post Office