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January 27, 2016

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Romantics sweet on postmarks from four unique post offices

January 27, 2016

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OTTAWA – For thousands of romantics around the world, a post office by any other name would never be as sweet. And it’s because of them that postmasters at four Canadian outlets are doing double time in these weeks before Valentine’s Day.

Lovelorn letter writers covet postal markings that bear the names of Love, Saint-Valentin, Cupids, and Heart’s Content – all Canadian places with post offices that use the community name to cancel stamps. A cancellation is a postal marking applied on a stamp to prevent its re-use.

Love letters and cards from across Canada and all corners of the world are already arriving.

Love (Sask.): The Love post office has been serving the community since 1935 and making a romantic statement since 1984 when the first cancel was created. The village is home to fewer than 100 people, and local postmaster Connie Black-Sturby takes great pride in her work, especially at this time of year. Tell your love to someone by sending a card through Love, Saskatchewan.

Saint-Valentin (Que.): Canada Post’s love story with the municipality of Saint-Valentin started in February 1994 when its special cancel was created. Each year, this little post office, which serves about 500 residents, sees thousands of mail items coming through for local, provincial, national and international destinations. Postmaster Liliane Baribeau handles all mail with great care. This is a great option for those who don’t have a Valentine, but want to remind their loved ones how special they are.

Cupids (N.L.): As Valentine’s Day approaches, many who have been struck by cupid’s arrow send letters to the Cupids post office, which serves about 800 people daily. Since 2010, postmaster Donna Gibson has seen many romantic gestures from across the country. Show your sweetheart that you have fallen for him or her with the Cupids cancel.

Heart’s Content (N.L.): Another popular post office at this time of year is the one in Heart’s Content, which serves about 700 people. The post office’s cancel was created in 2003. Since then, thousands of people send letters to Heart’s Content to show their lifelong sweetheart how much they care. Postmaster Joy Parrott is ready for the rush and looks forward to affixing the Heart’s Content cancel on letters this year.

To obtain the special cancel on time for Valentine’s Day, send your addressed card and affix postage. Place it in a larger envelope (with proper postage) and send to the post office of your choice (see addresses below).

Connie Black-Sturby, postmaster
Canada Post, Love
305 Main St.
Love SK S0J 1P0

Lilianne Baribeau, postmaster
Canada Post, Saint-Valentin
790 chemin 4e ligne
Saint-Valentin QC J0J 2E0

Donna Gibson, postmaster
Canada Post, Cupids
Cupids NL A0A 2B0

Joy Parrott, postmaster
Canada Post, Heart’s Content
218 Main Road
Heart’s Content NL A0B 1Z0

The postmark will be affixed and your greeting card sent to your Valentine. For a destination within the province, allow at least six working days for your card to reach the post office, be cancelled with the special postmark and reach your loved one. Allow more time for other destinations within or outside Canada.

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