Canada Post logos

    Using our brand

    The Canada Post logo embodies our established brand within the Canadian marketplace. Consult the guidelines and terms and conditions to ensure the logo is properly applied.

    Our company logo

    Our logo is available for download in French and English as well as in colour and black and white. Use the Canada Post logo if you fall into one of the of the following categories:
    • Individuals and organizations that are sponsored by Canada Post
    • Media
    • Schools, universities and colleges for academic purposes, including reproduction in textbooks and other teaching materials

    Jump to our secondary logos for delivery and shipping partnerships.

    Download company logo

    How to use our logo

    • Always use original digital artwork files. Never recreate or distort the logo.
    • The logo should appear in its corporate colours. Use PMS 485 red and PMS 280 blue or their CMYK equivalent. The black and white version of the logo is to be used only when colour is not an option.
    • Always maintain minimum clearances around the logo. Retain a minimum of 1 square unit of clear space around the logo.
    • Use the appropriate version of the logo based on the language context, for example English first or French first. The logo should always remain stand-alone and may not be combined with any other objects, such as other logos, words, graphics, photos, slogans, numbers, design features or symbols.
    • The logo may not be used in any way that might be seen as an endorsement of the products and services of a third party. The logo may not be used in any way that might suggest that any non-Canada Post materials, activities or events are sponsored, endorsed or licensed by Canada Post, unless otherwise approved in writing.
    Canada Post logo with one square inch of spacing illustrated around the perimeter

    Clear space

    Place the logo using a proportion based on the blue band height as a guide, and make sure there’s clear space on all sides of the logo of at least 1 square unit. This square unit is depicted in light grey in the above illustration. Always aim to place the logo on the right-hand side.

    Canada Post logo with a 7 millimeter width illustrated

    Minimum size

    To ensure the logo is readable in both printed and digital materials, we’ve established minimum size standards for our logo.

    In print, the logo should never be smaller than 25.4 mm (1 inch) in width and 7 mm in height.

    In digital applications, it shouldn’t be smaller than 60 pixels wide. Double the pixel dimension for high-resolution displays.

    How not to use our logo

    To maintain the integrity and consistency of our brand, we don’t authorize any modifications to the logo.

    Canada Post logo distorted by horizontal compression
    Do not horizontally or vertically compress or distort the logo.
    Canada Post logo skewed by a diagonal slant
    Do not skew the logo.
    Canada Post logo set against a brick wall background
    Do not put the logo on a busy, dark or conflicting background.
    Canada Post logo in faded colours
    In a colour application, do not use any colours in the logo other than PMS 280 and PMS 485 or their CMYK equivalent.
    Canada Post logo in low resolution
    Do not use a low resolution logo where high resolution is required, for example do not use 72 dpi from the web in a printed piece.
    Canada Post logo with incorrect symbol and typeface
    Do not redraw or recreate the logo. Notice the use of incorrect symbol and typefaces in this example.

    Our secondary logos

    Our shipping and delivery partnership logos are available in both French and English, in colour and in black and white.

    Shipped by Canada Post

    Use this Canada Post logo if you are one of the following:

    • Canada Post customers who ship to the U.S. and/or internationally
    • Customers who use Canada Post’s parcel services
    Download shipping logo

    Delivered by Canada Post

    Use this Canada Post logo if you are a:

    • Canada Post customer who sends Neighbourhood MailTM, Personalized MailTM or anything classified as Direct Marketing
    Download delivered logo

    Contact us

    If you have any questions regarding logo use, please contact