Postal money orders

    Send certified cashable money orders at the post office

    No bank account, no problem. Postal Money Orders are certified cashable documents that you send through the mail. You can use them to make payments or purchases in Canada.

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    Why buy a Postal Money Order

    It’s easy to use

    You don’t need to have a bank account or credit card to pay bills like utilities or phone bills, or to make retail purchases.

    It’s secure

    You provide information about the sender and the person receiving the money to protect against someone improperly cashing the money order. There's also a barcode serial number, polarized ink and a security code that's verified when the money order is cashed.
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    We refund unused money orders

    We guarantee to refund destroyed or uncashed money orders after 45 days (the $7.50* fee paid for each money order is non-refundable).

    Don’t mail cash

    It’s a great alternative to sending cash through the mail.

    How much does it cost?

    You pay the amount on the money order and a  fee for the service.
    • Maximum amount per money order –$999.99 
    • Fee per money order –$7.50* 
    • There’s no fee to cash a Postal Money Order at any post office in Canada
    Cash and debit card are the only acceptable methods of payment (you can’t pay with a credit card). Need more details on Postal Money Orders?