Individuals can ship and receive cannabis within Canada

    Cannabis is a regulated product with specific delivery requirements. The sender needs to make sure the contents, packaging and labeling of their shipments follow all applicable legislation and regulations.

    How do I ship cannabis?

    Canadians can send cannabis to other adults of legal age. Shipments must follow federal, provincial and municipal government regulations, view federal guidelines and regulations. Maximum weights vary based on cannabis product type. Send recreational cannabis within Canada using one of our shipping services that includes tracking.
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    Packaging requirements

    • Odour-proof, tamper-proof and leak-proof inner and outer packaging
    • Anonymous outer packaging without any marking or advertising that indicates what’s in the package
    Consider purchasing our self-sealing and scent-blocking mailer for your outer packaging.
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    How do I receive a cannabis shipment?

    There are a few requirements the receiver must follow. We offer delivery options right to your home or to any post office for pickup with FlexDeliveryTM.

    Receiving from a licensed seller

    Proof of Age, an age verification process, and a signature are required upon delivery. The recipient may also be asked to provide government-issued photo ID if they appear to be less than 30 years of age. Provinces set the minimum age to purchase cannabis.

    Receiving from an individual

    A signature may be required upon delivery if the sender opted for this feature.