Buttons in Precision Targeter

    Find out how to adjust your mailing plan and the different ways to view your plan with buttons in the tool.

    Data view buttons

    Access the data view by clicking the graph icon from the map view and the results of your mailing plan in a list format.

    1. Edit

    Make changes to your mailing plan.

    2. Help

    Get support with your Precision Targeter mailing plan.

    3. Search

    Look up specific routes by municipality or postal code.

    4. Arrows

    Navigate up or down through the rows.

    5. All routes

    Viewing all routes.

    6. Selected routes

    Jump to selected routes in the mailing plan list.

    7. Suggested routes

    Jump to suggested routes in mailing plan the list.

    8. Check box

    Select and deselect routes by clicking on the check box in the first column. Deselected routes will be removed from your mailing plan.