Buttons in Precision Targeter

    Find out how to adjust your mailing plan and the different ways to view your plan with buttons in the tool.  

    Menu buttons

    Select the 3 vertical dots in the top right above the map to open the menu list.

    1a. Data view

    View the routes on your map listed in a table.

    1b. Map view

    View the listed routes on a map.

    2. Add page

    Create a new mailing plan.

    3. Menu

    Open the menu to download, email, export, save or print your mailing plan. Also open saved mailing plans and access Precision Targeter support through help.

    4. Download

    Download a PDF document containing a breakdown of your mailing plan.

    5. Email

    Enter an email address to send your mailing plan to someone. A confirmation that this plan was emailed will appear on the right side of your screen.

    6. Export

    Export your mailing plan to a txt file. Upload this file to EST 2.0 to import your mailing plan data.

    7. Open

    Access any of your saved mailing plans and sort them by date, name, routes and cost. Also copy or delete a mailing plan.
    Open saved mailing plan: Access a previously saved mailing plan to compare the counts with the mailing plan you are currently creating.