Unacceptable items

You're solely responsible for ensuring that your item is acceptable for mailing.

 Any item is considered unacceptable if it:

  • Is a dangerous substance or article prohibited by law
  • Contains a dangerous substance or article prohibited by law
  • Doesn’t meet the size and weight specifications for the service
  • May:
    • Soil, taint, or damage mail or mail equipment
    • Expose a person to danger
    • Emit offensive odours or odours of any kind
  • Contains food perishables or live animals that don’t meet applicable shipping requirements
  • Is improperly prepared or insecurely packed or wrapped

We won’t deliver items that:

  • Are offensive and contain sexually explicit material
  • Contain any information relating to:
    • Bookmakers
    • Pool-setting
    • Betting
    • Wagering
    • Unlawful schemes
  • Relate to schemes to defraud the public

You have the responsibility of making sure that the contents meet all current applicable requirements and that the item or items can be shipped under Canadian legislation, including but not limited to, the:

Prohibitions or restrictions on the acceptance of certain articles for mailing may apply.