How do I activate my Canada Post reloadable Visa prepaid card?

    When you buy your Canada Post reloadable Visa prepaid card, you’ll get your card right away. Before you use your card, you must activate it and get a personal identification number (PIN).

    Here’s how to activate your card:

    1. Call Visa Cardholder Services at 1-844-590-8876.
    2. Enter your 16-digit card number.
    3. Authenticate yourself by entering your month and day of birth. Enter this information as MMDD (i.e. if you were born on December 4, you would enter "1204").
    4. Once your information has been verified, you’ll be:
      • Advised that your card is now active.
      • Advised of your current card balance.
      • Assigned a 4-digit PIN. Remember and record this PIN and keep it separate from your card at all times.
    5. Change your assigned PIN to a more easily remembered number, or skip to step 6. Using your touch tone phone, follow the prompts to enter your own 4-digit PIN.
    6. When you have recorded your PIN, hang up. Your card is ready to use. You can obtain your PIN at any time by calling Visa Cardholder Services at 1-844-590-8876 or through the free zenwallet app, available for iOS and Android

    You can change your PIN at any time. Change it online at or call Visa Cardholder Services at 1-844-590-8876.