epost Connect Participant Guide

    How to access an epost Connect Collaboration message

    What is epost Connect?

    The epost Connect™ service is a digital delivery platform with bank-grade encryption that facilitates sending and receiving confidential messages and documents with one or multiple recipients. epost Connect also enables seamless, secure collaboration with one or many customers, clients, colleagues, partners and suppliers through one common platform.

    What is epost Connect — Collaboration?

    epost Connect — Collaboration is a secure environment where 2 or more users can collaborate by sending and responding to messages and exchanging files. Using epost Connect, organizations can secure the information being shared in a way that supports compliance with privacy regulations.

    Here is how it works

    Step 1: Email invitation

    You will receive a notification via email informing you that you have received an invitation to join a conversation from a collaborator. The email address of the collaborator will be included in the notification text. To access the message click the Access the Message button. This will take you to the epost™ log-in page.

    Step 2: epost log-in or sign-up


    1. If you already have an epost account, click the Log In button and enter your username and password and skip to step 3. 
    2. If you do not have an epost account, click the Create Account button and follow the instructions.

    Read and agree to the epost terms and conditions.


    Step 3: epost Connect conversation listing


    1. The epost Connect conversation listing shows you at a glance all conversations initiated by mailers or collaborators. A conversation is a secure grouping of related messages. New conversations are shown in bold font. 
    2. The message you want to access is within a given conversation. An exclamation point in a call-out bubble at the left of your email address indicates in which conversation you’ll find the new message. Simply click on the conversation name (e.g., Access Cards shown below) to access the message and join the conversation.


    Step 4: Access to message and download attachments


    1. Click the Open button on the envelope to acknowledge receiving the message. The message should only be accessed by the intended recipient and remains protected by the Canada Post Corporation Act and the Criminal Code of Canada.
    2. The message may contain attachments. To download the attachments click on the file icons or the file names and save the files locally.


    Step 5: Post a message


    1. To post a message, click the Post Message button in the conversation slider pane. 
    2. Enter your message in the Message box of the Add a Message slider pane, include attachments if needed by clicking the Choose Files button, and click the Submit button.


    The messages you post display the figurine icon on the right-hand side. Messages posted by other participants display the figurine icon on the left-hand side. The most recent message appears at the bottom of the conversation slider pane.

    Download instructions.