How to use epost: Answers to FAQ

How do I add new documents, folders, and payment methods?

Open the green “Add new +” button on the right of your menu bar.

Desk top view:

Image shows Add new

Mobile or tablet view:

Image shows +

Now open the action you want to perform from this list:

Image shows list under Add new of Bill or statement, folder, payment method

Follow the instructions and prompts.

How long does epost keep my documents?

epost keeps your documents for seven years.

The Canada Revenue Agency recommends keeping them for six years, in case of tax filing review.

What type of security does epost use to protect my files?

epost uses bank-grade 128-bit encryption technology. It is the only company integrated into the online banking websites of all 6 major banks.

All your data is stored on Canadian servers. It is not replicated across the border or subject to foreign privacy/access laws.

What is an Electronic Postmark?

An Electronic Postmark™ certifies that your mail has not been tampered with during its delivery to your epost mailbox. It also provides the date and time your mail was delivered.

What is a mailer?

A mailer is the institution or business that sends bills, statements, pay stubs and notices to your epost inbox.

Epost mailers include banks, credit card companies, employers, utility companies, insurers and financial management firms.

What is the Saved Folder? How do I use it?

Your Saved folder is a permanent folder that can’t be renamed, moved or deleted.

Use the Saved folder to store critical documents, as a safeguard against accidentally deleting the folder that contains them.

How long do documents stay in the Trash folder before they are permanently deleted?

After 3 days, an item in your Trash folder is permanently deleted from epost.

Can I rescue documents after I put them in the Trash folder?

Yes, if you do so within 3 days of sending an item to your Trash folder. Just move it back to your Inbox or one of your folders.

Why do my mailer subscriptions have to be approved?

The mailers want to protect your sensitive information, so they need to verify your account information.

An Incomplete status means that you may be missing information or have the wrong information on your subscription application.

A Pending status means that the mailer is processing your subscription request. This usually takes 24 business hours or less.

An Approved status means that you will receive your next bill or statement through epost, rather than in your physical mailbox.

How can I talk to epost support?
Find the epost support number here.