epost FAQ

    I heard epost is winding down – can I still use it?

    Canada Post will be discontinuing epost services by December 2022, however you can still view your mail at until that time.

    What happens to the mail that I currently have coming to epost?

    Mailers you’ve subscribed to will let you know how to receive their documents going forward. Each mailer is leaving the epost service on their own schedule.

    When will the last epost mail be delivered?

    Each mailer is leaving the epost service on their own schedule. The last epost mail delivery for any mailer will be in September, 2022.

    Can I add new epost mailer subscriptions or modify existing epost mailer subscriptions?

    You can change or add subscriptions until June, 2022. You will not be able to change or add new subscriptions in July 2022.

    Download one document at a time, or print one document at a time, quickly and easily.

    How does the epost wind down affect my online Canada Post account?

    You can continue to access all Canada Post online services with your existing user name and password.There is no change to how you access Canada Post online.

    Will all my mailers continue to deliver bills and statements via epost until December 2022?

    No. While the epost inbox will remain available until December 2022, mailers may exit earlier and will tell you how to continue to receive their documents. The last epost mail delivery will be in September 2022.

    What do I need to do regarding epost wind down?

    No action is required. You do not need to close your epost account or subscriptions. If you wish to save bills or statements after December 2022, you will need to print or save them.

    What will happen to my epost account and mail if I don’t do anything?

    Your epost account and subscriptions will be closed in December 2022. You will no longer have access to the bills and statements in your epost Inbox.

    I view my epost mail at my bank or credit union website. How will that change?

    Banks and credit unions will withdraw from the epost service throughout 2022.Your financial institution will inform you of their departure schedule.

    Can I still use the Connect service?

    Yes.You can continue to use Connect for person to person secure file transfers and collaboration.

    Why is epost winding down? How will I receive my documents?

    After careful assessment and consideration, Canada Post has decided to wind down its epostTM service at the end of 2022. This will not impact how you access Canada Post online and you will be able to continue to use your existing user name and password for all other online Canada Post services. You will continue to have access to your epost inbox on and on the Canada Post mobile apps through the end of 2022, subject to the Terms of Use. You can download and print your epost inbox mail throughout this period.

    Since epost launched in 2000, the way businesses connect and communicate with their customers has evolved significantly, and other companies are now better suited to meet Canadians’ changing needs.

    Each epost mailer will provide instructions on how to receive your important documents going forward.

    Banks will be withdrawing from epost services during this period as well. These financial institutions will inform epost customers of their departure schedules.

    Thank you for being an epost customer and for your understanding as we make this necessary change for our business.

    How can I talk to epost support?

    Find the epost support number here.