Getting your parcels during the 2021 holiday season

    We’re making it easier for you to get your parcels during the busy holiday season by introducing the following:

    • Extended service hours in almost 500 corporate post office locations
    • New parcel pickup only locations
    • Temporary parcel pickup locations

    Temporary parcel pickup locations

    To accommodate for an increased number of shipments, we’re adding temporary parcel pickup locations in many major urban centres. These temporary pickup locations will be open from November 8, 2021 until January 28, 2022 and will be dedicated exclusively to receiving parcels.

    Temporary parcel pickup locations

    How do I find out if my parcel was sent to a temporary pickup location?

    If your parcel has been sent to a temporary pickup location, we’ll leave a delivery notice card at your address or in your community mailbox. You will need to pick up your parcel from the address provided on the delivery notice card within 10 calendar days. Look out for a delivery notice card that looks like the one shown at the bottom of the page when you’re expecting a package.

    Where are the temporary pickup locations?

    The pickup location address for any of your parcel deliveries will be on the delivery notice card we leave at your address or community mailbox. You can also find the full list of locations online.

    See all temporary pickup locations

    Keep in mind when picking up a parcel at a temporary location:

    • Temporary pickup locations may not offer any of our other products or services, unless they are full-service post offices.
    • You can only send mail or parcels from a temporary pickup location if it’s also a full-service post office.
    • Some temporary locations only accept credit or debit payments for any customs or duties owing on your parcel. Payment by cash or cheque is only accepted at full-service post offices.

    Example of a Delivery Notice Card (DNC)