What can I do if the parcel I sent is in customs?

    The status of a parcel you sent to an international destination indicates that it is in customs.

    Parcels you send outside of Canada need go through the receiving country’s customs process. Once a package is in customs:

    • Neither Canada Post nor the receiving postal administration can intervene or inquire about the status of the parcel.
    • Times for packages to clear customs vary. Delays can occur due to the package itself, its documentation or the volume of packages in customs at the time.
    • You must wait for the parcel to clear customs to get an update on the status.

    To avoid delays with your shipment in customs, be sure to complete all necessary paperwork.

    Once a parcel has cleared customs, it is handed over for delivery. For status updates, visit the destinations country’s postal website. You can also get updates through Canada Post’s Track tool.

    Note, we may experience delays in receiving the updates about your package from the foreign postal service.