Snap AdmailTM

A fast and easy online tool to help small businesses create effective, integrated direct mail and digital campaigns on any budget.

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Find the best neighbourhoods to target by using our powerful mapping tool.


Place your order online, then relax. We do everything for you including printing, online ad design and delivery.

Snap Admail: Targeted marketing on any budget

Direct mail is a great way to reach new and current customers. In fact, 61% of Canadians have made a purchase in-store as a result of receiving an ad in the mail.

With Snap Admail, small businesses like yours can create and launch a direct mail campaign in 10 minutes or less - all online! We take care of the printing and delivery.

Find the best neighbourhoods to target by using our powerful mapping tool.

Neighbourhood targeting

  • Unaddressed mail is delivered to the mailboxes by neighbourhood.
  • Mail is targeted based on geographic, demographic and lifestyle data.
  • Primarily used for broader reach and new customer acquisition.

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Snap Admail Plus: Reach customers at home and online

Customers are spending ever more time online. It only makes sense to reach them there, too. With Snap Admail Plus, you can add online ads to your unaddressed direct mail campaign for even more impactful results.

Snap Admail + Display Ads

  • Design your direct mail, then we’ll build digital ads than can be formatted to appear on any devices.
  • Increase lead generation, sales, and return on investment (ROI).
  • Increase awareness by making multiple impressions on each prospect.
  • Launch multichannel campaigns that run continuously for days or weeks.

Compare Snap Admail And Snap Admail Plus

Feature Snap Admail Snap Admail Plus
Professional design service
Geographic targeting
Demographic targeting
IP-targeting to reach the same prospects
HTML coding and digital ad hosting
Distribution to top digital ad networks
Post-deployment performance reporting

What business owners say

"Snap Admail is very easy to use. Every month I am able to quickly select my target areas and launch my new campaigns. Snap AdmailTM is definitely helpful for any business looking to spread awareness of its products and services!"

- Evan Birmann, General Manager, GoJava

"Your team has done a great job on this new program. From the online mapping tool to the live customer support, Snap AdmailTM makes direct mail as easy to execute as email or online banners. Thank you Canada Post!"

- Carl Schubert, VP, MHz Design Communications

"Adding Snap AdmailTM Plus to our marketing made an immediate impact on sales. It’s an easy service to use and your in-house design team did an excellent job on the ads."

- Vanessa Avrushkin, President, Go Mama Apparel

Want to know more about Snap AdmailTM Direct or Snap AdmailTM Plus? Find the answers in our  Frequently Asked Questions. You can also call us toll-free at 1-844-332-6998