The festive tradition continues

November 1, 2022
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Canada Post has issued Christmas and holiday stamps for nearly 60 years

Canada Post has released new Christmas and holiday stamps that will help Canadians make their mail merrier at this special time of year.

Since 1964, the annual Christmas and holiday stamps have been adding a festive touch to cards and letters throughout the season. For the 2022 stamps, Canadians will once again have their choice of stamps featuring either sacred or secular holiday imagery.

This year, Canada Post is also sharing images of Christmas and holiday stamps dating back decades so Canadians can see how they have evolved over the years, while still capturing the fun and magic of the season.

2022 Christmas and holiday stamps

The majestic new Christmas stamp – designed by Paprika and illustrated by Fanny Roy – is inspired by the Nativity, with an emphasis on the star that led the Magi to the infant Jesus. In biblical accounts of the birth of Jesus, the star of Bethlehem served as both a guide that led the Magi to find the young child and a sign that the prophecy of the coming of a saviour had been realized. The Permanent™ domestic rate stamp is available in booklets of 12. The Official First Day Cover is cancelled in Star City, Saskatchewan.

This year’s secular holiday stamps – designed by Hambly & Woolley Inc. and illustrated by Sandra Dionisi – feature three birds that overwinter in Canada: a cardinal (Permanent™ domestic rate), a blue jay (U.S. rate) and an evening grosbeak (international rate). The colourful stamps provide a festive and wintery look, emphasizing the beauty of the natural world during the holiday season. Domestic rate stamps are available in booklets of 12, with the U.S. and international rate stamps offered in booklets of six. A festive souvenir sheet of the three stamps is also available, along with a souvenir sheet Official First Day Cover, cancelled in Cardinal, Ontario.

Images of stamps dating back several decades

For nearly 60 years, the annual Christmas and holiday issues have reflected the magic, landscapes and cultural traditions that make the season so special. This year, Canada Post is sharing images of some of those stamps from decades gone by. While the artwork and designs have changed significantly over the years, the stamps continue to capture the meaning, memories and cherished moments of the season that Canadians hold dear. Sharing Christmas and holiday stamps on cards and letters remains a time-honoured tradition for many people across the country.

The 2022 stamps and collectibles are available at and postal outlets across Canada. Christmas and holiday stamps from past years are not being reissued. Here are images of some of the previous stamps:


“Family” – Christmas 1964

Children Singing Carols – 1967

Faces of Children – 1969


Snowmen – 1970

Ice Skate – 1973

Village in the Laurentian Mountains (Clarence A. Gagnon) – 1974

Family – 1975


Christmas Tree (1781, 1881, 1981) – 1981

The Three Kings (Simone Mary Bouchard) – 1984

Santa Claus Parade – 1985

Angel with Crown – 1986


Mother and Child (Indigenous Nativity) – 1990

Children of the Raven (Indigenous Nativity) – 1990

Bonhomme Noël (Christmas Personages); Sinterklaas (Christmas Personages) – 1991

People Carolling Outdoors –1994

Santa Making a Downhill Delivery (UNICEF); Christmas in the Yukon Territory (UNICEF) – 1996

Angel Carrying a Teddy Bear and a Small Sack of Toys (Victorian Angels) – 1999


Flight into Egypt – 2000

Sleigh Ride in an Urban Landscape (Christmas Lights) – 2001

Skating in the Suburbs (Christmas Lights) – 2001

Building a Snowman in the Country (Christmas Lights) – 2001

Santa Claus in a Cadillac – 2004

Hope – 2007


Gingerbread Man Cookies – 2012

St. Nicholas – 2014

Moose (Christmas Animals) – 2015

Christmas Knitted Socks – 2018

The Magi – 2019


Winter Sleigh Ride (Maud Lewis) – 2020

Santa Claus – 2021

2022 Christmas and holiday stamp

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