Accessibility at Canada Post

A Canada Post delivery agent hands a package to a man in a wheelchair at his front door. A Canada Post delivery agent hands a package to a man in a wheelchair at his front door. A Canada Post delivery agent hands a package to a man in a wheelchair at his front door.

Championing accessibility and inclusion

We’re ensuring that accessibility and inclusion is top of mind when it comes to our customers, employees, buildings, products and services and the partners we do business with. Our goal is to be recognized as a leader in accessibility and inclusion in Canada.

We’re committed to accessibility

Canada Post has an important role to play in fostering an accessible and inclusive Canada. We are dedicated to demonstrating leadership in accessibility by promoting awareness, removing barriers and recognizing the valuable contributions of people with disabilities.

We have several initiatives in place to improve accessibility for our customers and employees, including our Accessibility Plan, accessibility strategy, accessibility advisory panel, delivery accommodation program and the redesign of our online services.

We are also partnering with local, national and global organizations to learn from and recognize those who are leading by example in advocating for accessibility and removing barriers.

Our strategy, plan and reports

Accessibility strategy

Our accessibility strategy ensures that our facilities, business partnerships, workforce, products and services are accessible to all Canadians. Learn about the four key ways we plan to strengthen accessibility within Canada Post.

Learn about our accessibility strategy

Accessibility Plan and Progress Reports

To further our commitment and work towards achieving the goals of the Accessible Canada Act, we created an Accessibility Plan. The multi-year plan highlights our achievements and the actions Canada Post will take to continue to identify, remove and prevent barriers.

Learn about our Accessibility Plan and view our annual Progress Reports

Feedback process

The feedback process is required by the Accessible Canada Act. It describes how Canada Post receives and responds to feedback regarding accessibility. Get an overview of the feedback process and learn how to submit feedback to Canada Post.

Learn about our feedback process

Our programs and initiatives

Delivery accommodation program

This program offers a variety of accommodations to support residential customers with functional limitations to access their mail and parcels. Get to know the program and how to request an application for accommodation.

Learn about our delivery accommodation program

Accessibility advisory panel

Canada Post has established a national advisory panel of accessibility experts and advocates to advise us on the development, implementation and promotion of accessibility in our programs and services. Meet the team that guides our accessibility practices.

Learn about our accessibility advisory panel

Website and online products

Our digital team assesses and creates online content and services for accessibility with the goal of achieving AA compliance under Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Get information about our current practices and a list of accessible tools.

Learn about our online accessibility

Service animals

Service animals are welcome in all post office locations, including postal outlets located within another retailer. Canada Post does not require supporting documentation to permit service animals entry in retail locations.

Learn about our service animal policy

Our partnerships and community engagement

The Valuable 500

Canada Post is a member of The Valuable 500, a global movement that unites 500 of the most influential business leaders and their brands. Together we’re facilitating systemic change by acknowledging the social and economic value of people living with disabilities.

Learn about the Valuable 500

Canada Post Award for students with disabilities

In partnership with the National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS), the Canada Post Award was established to support outstanding scholarship in higher education for students with disabilities.

Apply for the Canada Post Award through the NEADS Student Awards Program