Accessibility at Canada Post

    Championing accessibility and inclusion

    We’re ensuring that accessibility and inclusion is top of mind when it comes to our workforce culture, our customer spaces, our products and services and the partners we do business with. Our goal is to be recognized as a leader in accessibility and inclusion in Canada.

    We’re making a difference

    Canada Post is committed to identifying, removing and preventing barriers.

    Learn about the four key ways we plan to strengthen accessibility within Canada Post and beyond.

    View our four strategy pillars here

    Our commitment to accessibility

    We have several initiatives in place to improve accessibility for our customers and employees, including the establishment of our accessibility advisory panel, the delivery accommodation program, and the redesign of our online services.

    We are also partnering with local, national, and global organizations to learn from and recognize those who are leading by example in advocating for accessibility and removing barriers.

    Website and online products

    Our digital team assesses and creates online content and services for accessibility with the goal of achieving AA compliance under WCAG. Get information about our current practices and a list of accessible tools.
    Learn about our online accessibility

    Delivery accommodation program

    Our accommodation program offers alternate delivery services to customers with functional limitations that enable them to access their letter mail and packages. Get to know the program and how to make a request.
    Learn about our delivery accommodation program

    Our leadership initiatives

    Fair Procurement Process

    The Valuable 500

    Canada Post is a member of The Valuable 500, a global movement that unites 500 of the most influential business leaders and their brands. Together we’re facilitating systemic change by acknowledging the social and economic value of people living with disabilities.

    Learn about the Valuable 500

    Canada Post’s Accessibility Feedback Process

    This Feedback Process is required by the Accessible Canada Act. It describes how Canada Post receives and responds to feedback regarding:

    • The implementation of Canada Post’s Accessibility Plan.
    • Barriers encountered by Canada Post customers, employees and other people that deal with Canada Post.
    • Any other matters regarding accessibility.

    Overview of our Accessibility feedback process

    Canada Post welcomes feedback from customers, employees, business partners and the public about accessibility. Feedback enhances the way we do business, allows us to serve and connect with more customers, and improves the services we deliver. It helps us become more accessible and inclusive.

    • Feedback may be provided to Canada Post by mail, telephone, teletypewriter (TTY), email, webform, social media and online chat with a live agent.
    • Canada Post strives to respond to all feedback directly with Canadians in ways that are accessible. Some situations may require additional information and attention; in these cases, feedback may be forwarded for further action and response.
    • We will acknowledge accessibility feedback that we receive except for feedback provided anonymously.
    • We will respond to the accessibility feedback we receive in the way it was submitted to us. We may include follow-up responses through other formats if required or requested.
    • Pursuant to the Accessible Canada Regulations, all feedback and responses (including any personal information you provide), will be kept for a period of seven (7) years.
    • Pursuant to the Accessible Canada Regulations, all responses to accessibility feedback will be kept for a period of seven (7) years.
    • Our Feedback Process includes details about how to navigate our contact options, our privacy statement, how we will acknowledge accessibility feedback, and how we will consider the accessibility feedback we receive.

    How to access our Feedback Process

    • Read our Feedback Process online by clicking the following link to view an accessible PDF: Open PDF
    • View the American Sign Language (ASL) version of our Feedback Process by clicking the following link: Open ASL video
    • Listen to the audio recording of the Feedback Process by clicking the following link: Open audio recording
    • Request an alternate format of the Feedback Process including print, large print, and braille by contacting the Director of Accessibility through one of the following contact formats.

    Contact information

    To provide feedback on accessibility at Canada Post, request an alternate format of the Feedback Process and/or a copy of Canada Post’s Accessibility Plan, please contact us using one of the following options:


    Provide accessibility feedback via email. You will be able to include attachments such as photos, videos and documents. The combined file size of all attachments must not exceed 5MB. Accepted file formats are PNG, JPG, MP4, MOV and PDF.

    Use our web form

    Go to web form to submit your feedback on accessibility at Canada Post.

    Use our web form to submit your feedback. You can upload a maximum of 5 separate file attachments such as photos, videos or documents. Combined file size must not exceed 5MB. Acceptable file formats are PNG, JPG, MP4, MOV and PDF.

    Write to us

    Send us a letter by mail with your feedback.

    Attention: Director of Accessibility
    Canada Post
    2701 Riverside Dr. Suite N0940E
    Ottawa, ON K1A 0B1

    Call us (within Canada)


    Call us (outside of Canada)

    +1 416-979-3033

    Use TTY (Teletype)