Dogs are family, and so are our employees. Please help us keep them both safe

April 8, 2019
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With spring finally here (hooray!) and the clutches of winter mostly behind us, dog owners across the country will be spending more time outside with the pooch. Longer evening walks… a relaxing time in the yard… and more enjoyable trips to the dog park. You know, the good life.

Like millions of other Canadians, thousands of Canada Post employees are dog owners, too – dogs are members of the family.

Every day, Canada Post employees deliver to millions of homes across Canada, and an estimated 41 per cent of Canadian households have at least one dog. We see them every day when we deliver your mail and parcels.

But any dog – no matter how loving – can bite. It’s impossible for our delivery agents to know how a dog will react when we approach your home.

Our employees are members of our family, and we want them to get home safely to their families. We’re asking for your help.

Please help us deliver your letters and parcels safely by keeping dogs secure and at a safe distance:

  • Be careful when answering the door, so your dog does not slip out.
  • Keep dogs inside, in a fenced yard or tied up far from the front door or mailbox.
  • Keep front doors and fence gates closed.
  • Keep dogs away from the screen door, even if it is locked.

Your assistance will go a long way in keeping our employees safe and will also help ensure the well-being of your pooch.