Deliver to a post office

    Offer flexible delivery through our vast network

    Deliver to Post Office gives online shoppers the choice to have their purchases delivered to a post office for pickup when and where it’s convenient for them - right from your website.

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    Why offer Deliver to Post Office

    Flexible delivery and pickup options

    Give customers the flexible delivery and pickup options they want. 21% of shoppers will complete a purchase if offered flexible options at checkout.

    Cater to shoppers
    on the go

    Give customers the convenience of picking up their item at the post office of their choice when they’re not at home. They’ll receive an email notification when it’s ready for pickup.

    Easily extend your reach

    Customers can choose to send their items to one of our 6,000+ post office locations: close to home, the office or wherever they’re travelling.

    Give them peace of mind

    Items are held for 15 days, keeping high-value and temperature-sensitive items secure.

    Here's how it works

    Deliver to Post Office is available for 2 of our Canadian shipping services – Xpresspost TM and Expedited ParcelTM .
    1. During online checkout, your customer is asked to enter the address of a convenient pickup location (for example, near their office, gym or travel destination).
    2. A list of post offices near their indicated address will appear. Customers choose a post office from the list or interactive map that displays locations and hours of operation.
    3. Customers can track their purchase to the post office and receive an email notification when their parcel is ready for pickup.
    4. They have up to 15 days to pick up their package.

    How to get started

    Talk to a specialist

    If you’re interested in learning more about how Deliver to Post Office can work for your business, get in touch with one of our e-commerce specialists.
    Talk to a specialist

    Access through your existing platform

    We have a network of e-commerce partners who already have our shipping, fulfillment, delivery and returns services integrated into their platforms. See if Deliver to Post Office is offered by your platform provider.

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    Want to DIY with a developer?

    You can integrate Deliver to Post Office directly into your website through our Developer Program. Get access to our API keys and plugins here.
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