Postal Code Targeting

Unlock a whole new level of effectiveness
for your acquisition efforts.

The newest addition to the Canada Post Smartmail MarketingTM suite of solutions.

For the first time, you can identify and reach postal
codes that match the profile of your ideal prospects.

Four key benefits for your business with Postal Code Targeting

Expand into new markets

Data targeting identifies the postal codes that match the profile of your ideal prospects.

Expand into new markets
Leverage your customer data

Leverage your
customer data

Use your existing postal codes to target the look-alike audiences most likely to respond to your marketing message.

Optimize your targeting

Layer Canada Post geographic, demographic and lifestyle insights onto your postal code data to optimize your reach.

Optimize your targeting
Maximize your acquisition dollars

Maximize your
acquisition efforts

Optimize campaigns with messages targeted to new audiences while suppressing existing customers from your mailing.

Mail helps you reach your customers

There’s an effective Smartmail MarketingTM solution for any marketing objective.

One to many

One to many
Neighbourhood MailTM
One to many icon
Target by postal walk

Each postal walk contains an average of 500 addresses. Target effectively by neighbourhood.

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One to few

One to few
Postal Code Targeting
One to few icon
Target by postal code

Each postal code contains an average of 20 addresses. Precise targeting based on customer data and insights.

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One to one

One to one
Personalized MailTM
One to one icon
Target by individual

Speak to a single individual.
Create the greater loyalty that
drives action.

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