Target with greater precision

Target with greater precision

Access your next best customers by neighbourhood, by postal code or connect one-to-one with targeted address intelligence.

  • Action deep insights about consumers’ lifestyles, interests and behaviours.
  • Access billions of available data points across Canada – while protecting individual privacy.
  • Drill down to find people who buy clothes online, just moved, drive mid-size cars and much more…

Marketing to millennials, Gen-Xers and boomers just got easier. Our guide, Generation Gap: Connecting Brands and Customers of All Ages shares
the latest research on the media and messaging they best respond
to and how life stage affects their preferences.

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Get longer lasting impact

Our brains pay more attention to direct mail because it’s tactile. And it triggers significantly higher activity in the brain’s motivation centre – perhaps that’s why it has one of the highest response rates of all media.

Influence consumers with touch
74% of consumers notice direct mail and 67% read it.
Direct mail = a 20% motivation response which means that they are significantly more likely to act on your message.

Sources: Canada Post. Breaking Through the Noise; A Bias for Action, 2015

Get better results with millennials
in your next campaign.

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Amplify your marketing mix

Amplify your marketing mix

Create campaigns that drive more consumers to act. Integrate direct mail with other channels and boost engagement and action. It’s proven to drive in-store visits and online engagement.

Integrated direct mail and digital campaigns elicit 39% more consumer attention.
40% of Canadians keep catalogues for at least a month, creating a lasting presence that builds brand recognition and ultimately drives action.

Sources: Canada Post. Breaking Through the Noise; A Bias for Action, 2015

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