Request a parcel locker

    Increase resident satisfaction with a parcel locker

    Get a free Canada Post parcel locker for your apartment or condo building and provide your residents with a convenient way to receive their packages.

    Request a parcel locker

    Benefits of a parcel locker


    We install and maintain lockers all over Canada at no cost to the property management or to residents.

    Organized parcel pick-up

    Residents can retrieve their own deliveries from individually locked compartments.

    Convenient amenity

    Provide your residents with the convenience of package retrieval at any time for up to 5 days and the ability to drop off letter mail from their building.

    How to get a parcel locker installed

    1. Fill out the parcel locker request form
      Property managers and condo board members are asked to provide contact details and information about their building to submit the request.
    2. Request is reviewed
      A Canada Post representative will get in touch with you to review the eligibility of your building.
    3. Location is visited
      One of our representatives will visit the property to assess the building’s eligibility and potential locker placement.

    Parcel locker requirements

    • Centralized mailboxes in the building mailroom
    • Enough space for the locker to be installed
    • Canada Post delivery agents must be able to access the building lobby
    • Only Canada Post deliveries can be stored within the locker

    Parcel locker features

    Each parcel locker is an indoor unit, measuring 163.8 cm (64.5 inches) high, 51.8 cm (20.4 inches) across and 78 cm (30.7 inches) wide. Each locker is comprised of an outgoing mail slot, 6 large parcel compartments with individual locks and either 6 accompanying key deposit slots or 1 key deposit slot. Keys display their corresponding compartment letter in addition to this letter in Braille.

    Illustration of a parcel locker with the dimensions showing its 163.8 cm or 64.5 inch height, 78 cm or 30.7 inch length and 51.8 cm or 24 inch depth. An area is highlighted in front of the locker beginning at the base and showing a depth of 16 cm or 63 inches.

    Get more information on parcel lockers

    Submit a request form

    Fill out the request form for a parcel locker to be installed in the building you manage and we will be in touch with you within 5 business days.
    Request a parcel locker