Provide parcel tracking

A postal worker scans the Canada Post shipping label on packageA postal worker scans the Canada Post shipping label on packageA postal worker scans the Canada Post shipping label on package

Offer your customers tracking and delivery confirmation

Add our tracking feature to your website and let your customers track their purchase while it’s in transit.

Why offer parcel tracking on your website

Repeat customers

Customers will visit your site often to check the delivery status of their parcel, which creates cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Customer satisfaction

Customers want updates every step of the delivery journey. 96% of shoppers track their parcels in real-time. Update them throughout the delivery journey through push notifications.

Save money

Answer your customers’questions before they ask. Reduce costly customer service calls asking about their parcel status by enabling easy access to tracking and delivery status on your site.

Here's how it works

There are 2 ways you can offer your customers the ability to track their parcels.
  1. Integrate tracking into your website Integrate tracking into your website
    • Our tracking services can be integrated into your ecommerce platform or website so that the most recent shipping status is always available in one place.
    • You can also include a link in their confirmation email that brings them directly to their tracking information on your site.
  2. Provide a tracking link to customers No need to embed anything into your ecommerce site. Offer your customers tracking information from the Canada Post website with no technical set-up required. Provide a tracking link to customers
    • Add a tracking link in your confirmation email to your customers.
    • This link takes your customer directly to their tracking results on the Canada Post website.

How to get started

Access through your existing platform

We have a network of ecommerce partners who already have our shipping, fulfillment, delivery and returns services integrated into their platforms. See if Tracking is offered by your platform provider.

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Want to DIY with a developer?

You can integrate Tracking directly into your website through our Developer Program. Get access to our API keys and plugins here.

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