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As your business grows, it’s important that your management tools and technology grow with you. No matter what stage you’re at, our shipping tools and solutions can help you manage and scale your processes with efficiency.

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The shipping tool you choose depends on how much your business ships with us and whether you prefer a desktop or web-based solution.

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Compare shipping tools Shipping Manager EST Desktop 2.0
Product snapshot Browser-based shipping tool for mid-sized shippers with a commercial parcel contract Downloadable desktop application for high-volume shippers with multiple employees with a commercial parcel contract
Best for Medium-volume shippers who ship from 10 to 50 packages per day Large-volume shippers who ship more than 50 packages per day
Core features
  • Pay less for volume-based shipping.
  • Access the tool right through your browser.
  • Compare prices and shipping speeds.
  • Print multiple shipping labels at once from any device.
  • Email tracking numbers to your customers.
  • Book on-demand pickups.
  • Set up integrated customs forms.
  • Pay less for volume-based shipping.
  • Compare prices and shipping speeds.
  • Multiple employees can access the tool at once.
  • Group and send multiple shipments at once.
  • Email tracking numbers to your customers.
  • Print thermal or regular labels.
  • Produce manifests for your shipments.
How to get started Learn more about Shipping Manager Learn more about EST Desktop 2.0

Third-party shipping solutions

If you’re selling on multiple selling channels like your branded website and a marketplace, you can leverage a third-party shipping system developed for small and medium-sized shippers.

  • Choose from systems like ShipStation, OrderCup, Shippo and more
  • Can be used for a monthly fee and integrate with many ecommerce platforms
  • Enhance efficiency through batch label printing and integrated customs forms, manifests and tracking notifications
Explore third-party shipping solutions

Still not sure which shipping tool is right for you?

If you’ve never used our shipping tools before and you’re not sure which one is right for your business, we can help.

We’ll answer your questions about how to:

  • Set up an online account
  • Get shipping discounts
  • Create your order using our online tools

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