Applying for a Community Foundation grant

Step 1. Learn about the Foundation and available grants.

Step 2. Determine if you are eligible to receive funding.

Step 3. Gather the documents you will need to apply for a grant.

Step 4. Submit your application during the grant application period.

Important deadlines

February 12, 2024: Application is available

March 1, 2024 (12:00 pm ET): Application deadline

March to June 2024: Application review and trustee approval period

July to August 2024: Decision is communicated to applicants

September 2024: Public announcement of grant recipients

About the Foundation

The Canada Post Community Foundation provides grants to Canadian schools, charities and community organizations that make a difference in the lives of children and youth (up to age 21). Since 2012, the Foundation has granted $13.5 million to more than 1,100 projects across Canada.

Grants are available for projects that support three areas:

  • Community

    Projects that help foster a better future for children, including social services, arts and culture.

  • Education

    Projects that offer education, therapeutic and rehabilitative programs.

  • Health

    Projects that support the health and physical activity of children from vulnerable communities, or those with disabilities or illnesses.

Four children in a park laugh as they hold on to a tug-of-war rope.

Step 1: Types of grants

Community-based project grants

Most of the grants we award fall into this category. Eligible projects should increase the capacity of an organization and create or expand services, rather than maintaining existing services. For example, purchasing new equipment or launching new programs.

Project grants are available for projects valued at up to $25,000 each.

Signature Grant

The Signature Grant is meant to contribute to the overall work and mission of national organizations that deliver programs or support to Canadian children and youth.

Up to three Signature Grants of $50,000 each can be awarded each year.

Indigenous Truth and Reconciliation Signature Grant

The Indigenous Truth and Reconciliation Signature Grant is available to Indigenous regional or local organizations offering programming anchored in the principles of Indigenous truth and reconciliation that supports Indigenous children and youth across the country.

One Indigenous Truth and Reconciliation Signature Grant of $50,000 can be awarded each year.

Step 2: What type of grant should you apply for?

Each grant type has different eligibility criteria. Depending on what type of grant you are interested in, different information may be required. Please note that financial documentation must be provided for all applications. Each year, we receive a large number of applications for a wide variety of programs. Please ensure you meet all our eligibility criteria.

Here is a breakdown of the different grants we offer and what groups are eligible:

What type of grant should you apply for?
Grant types and eligibility Grant type Who is eligible for this grant? Examples of projects that are eligible
Project Grant (maximum $5,000)
  • schools (as defined by the education act in each province)
  • school/parent organizations
  • community libraries
  • daycares
  • Indigenous groups
  • recreation facilities
  • unregistered organizations
  • small municipalities
  • playground equipment and upgrades to parks
  • educational field trips (not including multi-day class trips)
  • library supplies
  • chrome books and other electronics
  • musical instruments
  • art supplies
  • sporting goods (balls, hockey sticks, curling brooms, etc.)
  • sporting facility improvements (pools, ice rinks, skateboard parks, climbing walls, etc.)
  • participation in school-organized humanitarian efforts
  • after-school programs
  • special needs supplies and adaptive equipment (autism room supplies, modified sporting equipment for children with special needs, etc.)
Project Grant ($5,001 - maximum $25,000)
  • registered charities with a Canadian Charitable Registration Number
  • registered non-profit organizations with a valid B/N business registration number
  • registered Canadian amateur athletic associations
  • small municipalities

*these groups can also apply for a project grant under $5,000 for smaller projects

  • mentoring programs
  • STEM/STEAM activities
  • literacy programs
  • mental health support and resources
  • workshops and community programs for at-risk youth, young immigrants, children exposed to domestic violence, etc.
  • sporting equipment/ improvements for a community centre
Signature Grant ($50,000)
  • National charities and organizations
  • General operating costs or project-specific requests are accepted
Indigenous Truth and Reconciliation Signature Grant ($50,000)See if you qualify
  • Indigenous regional or local organizations
  • Programming anchored in the principles of Indigenous truth and reconciliation and supports Indigenous children and youth across the country.

Projects ineligible for grants

The following projects do not qualify for any of the Foundation grants:

  • professional or amateur sports teams
  • activities outside Canada
  • debt reduction campaigns
  • requests to cover mailing, shipping and/or delivery fees
  • lobby, advocacy or partisan groups that promote a particular social, political or economic point of view
  • fundraising events such as golf tournaments, galas, runs or races
  • brand or general advertising, as distinguished from information directly related to front-line activities
  • financial assistance for individuals
  • conventions, conferences or events
  • organizations, political parties or other programs that require, as a condition for receiving support or services, an adherence to, or promotion of a particular religious faith, political affiliation or cultural group
  • ongoing operating costs (e.g., administrative costs not directly linked to delivery of front-line programs) (Signature Grants are exempted)
  • salaries and administrative costs for school employees
  • school celebration trips (note: educational field trips are eligible for consideration, but graduation or class trips abroad are not)
  • standard classroom supplies
  • professional development

Step 3: Prepare your application

Once you have reviewed our eligibility criteria, you can start gathering the documents you need to complete your application. The application checklist also includes all financial documents you will require.

Download application checklist (PDF)

Step 4: Submit your application during the grant application period

Eligible organizations are invited to submit applications for funding each spring.

The grant application period for 2024 opens on Monday, February 12 and closes on Friday, March 1 at 12:00 PM ET. All applications must be received by this deadline through our website. No extensions will be granted.

Once the application portal is open, it will take 30-60 minutes to complete your application. You can save an application and complete it later, if needed (during the grant application period only).

In 2024, all grant applications will be reviewed from April to June. Successful grant applicants will be notified in July, and there will be a public announcement of all grant recipients in August.

More information on the Community Foundation

For more information about the Community Foundation and grant application process, review our frequently asked questions or contact us.