2021 Annual Report

Officers of the Corporation

Doug Ettinger

President and Chief Executive Officer

Jan C. Faryaszewski

Chief Financial Officer

Manon Fortin

Chief Operating Officer

Rod Hart

Chief Customer and Marketing Officer

Cheryl Hodder, QC

Chief Sustainability and Legal Officer

Susan Margles

Chief People and Safety Officer

Jo-Anne Polak

Senior Vice-President, Corporate and Employee Communications

Irshaad Ahmad

Vice-President, Pension Fund and Chief Investment Officer

Alexandre Brisson

Vice-President, Operations Transformation

Anjali Kapal

Vice-President, Product Management and Customer Experience

Nadim Kara

Vice-President, Human Resources and Employee Experience

Ian Kerr

Vice-President, Business Transformation

Alice Lafferty

Vice-President, Operations Excellence

Barbara MacKenzie

Vice-President, Finance and Controller

Serge Pitre

Vice-President, Business Development

Chris Roach

Vice-President, Health and Safety

Other officers

Kaval Pannu

Corporate Auditor

As of April 4, 2022