Role of the Board

Canada Post is a Crown corporation owned by the federal government. The Board follows explicit rules and regulations as defined by the Canada Post Act, our charter, our Code of Conduct and other standards.

How the Board functions as a Crown corporation

The role of the Board is explicitly supported by the statutory framework within which Canada Post operates (the Canada Post Corporate Act and the Financial Administration Act), the Corporation's By-Laws and its Statement of Board Values and Charter.

Canada Post Corporation Act

This Act governs the operations and the administration of Canada Post Corporation, its Board of Directors, its exclusive privilege, its powers and sets regulations and directives, its status of corporation and includes financial matters, and more.

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Financial Administration Act

This Act provides for the financial administration of the Government of Canada and the control of Crown corporations. Consult Part X on Crown Corporations.

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By-Law No.1

Transaction of the business and affairs of Canada Post Corporation.

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By-Law No. 2

The borrowing of monies by Canada Post Corporation.

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Statement of Board Values and Board Charter

The Board supervises the management of the business and affairs of the Corporation, including the relationship between the Corporation, its affiliates and the Shareholder.

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What the Board oversees

The Canada Post Board of Directors consists of the Chairperson, the President and Chief Executive Officer and 9 directors appointed in abidance with the Canada Post Corporation Act.

The Board of Directors of Canada Post Corporation is responsible for the stewardship of Canada Post Corporation. The Board supervises the management of the business and affairs of the Corporation, including its relationship among the Corporation, its affiliates and the shareholder. The Board is responsible for the following matters through or in consultation and collaboration with senior management:

  • Strategic and Corporate plan
  • Principal risk assessment
  • Senior level management
  • Canadian postal policy
  • Integrity
  • Communications
  • Board effectiveness
  • Corporate governance

What guides the Board

Standards of conduct

Standards of Conduct are guidelines which are strictly followed by Canada Post's Board of Directors. They include specific rules of ethic and guidelines on matters such as conflict of interest and the Directors' responsibility of honesty, loyalty, confidentiality, care, prudence, diligence and skill. This document also includes the General Declaration of Interest form.

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Code of Conduct

The Board of Directors oversees the evolution of Canada Post's corporate governance practices and policies, including its Code of Conduct. This ensures that Canada Post continues to comply with high standards of corporate governance. The Code of Conduct sets out the ethical standards that are expected of employees in their dealings with customers, the Corporation and each other.

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How the senior executive team works with the Board

Management runs the day-to-day operations of Canada Post in a way that is consistent with Canada Post's Corporate Plan and Budget, which are approved by the Board of Directors. In this context, the President and Chief Executive Officer assisted by the senior executive team, makes recommendations to the Board of Directors with respect to matters of Corporate strategy and policy. The Board of Directors then makes the decisions which it deems appropriate and supervises the execution of such decisions and reviews the results obtained on a quarterly basis.

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Corporate plan for the future

Learn about Canada Post’s successful transformation away from traditional Lettermail™ to become the national leader in the e-commerce parcels business.

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