Letter weight and size

    See which mail size applies to your item

    Pay the right amount for your postage. Our postage pricing for letters is based primarily on the size and weight of your letter. Check out our standard and oversize dimensions below.

    Weight and size overview

    There are two main categories of letter mail weights and sizes to help determine how much it will cost to send your item. Minimum dimensions for all items are 140 mm x 90 mm (5.5 inches x 3.5 inches).

    Standard (50 g or less)

    Use a single stamp for items that are within the standard weight and size range.

    Maximum dimensions
    The maximum dimensions are 245 mm x 156 mm (9.6 inches x 6.1 inches). However, the maximum dimensions for cards and postcards to the U.S.A. or an International destination are 235 mm x 120 mm (9.2 inches x 4.7 inches).

    Non-standard and oversize (0-500 g)

    Oversize or non-standard size envelopes and postcards will cost you more in postage.

    Maximum dimensions
    380 mm x 270 mm (15 inches x 10.6 inches)

    If your letter is larger than the maximum dimensions above you’ll need to use our parcel services. Check out our size and weight limits for letters and documents sent in Canada and U.S.A. and International.
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    Find your postage rate

    Use your mail weight, size and destination to see how much it will cost to send your item.

    Tips for sending special occasion mailings

    These tips can help you smoothly send a large amount of mail, such as wedding invitations and other special occasion mail.

    Personalize your mail for your special occasion

    Create one-of-a-kind stamps, cards and postcards based on your favourite photos or designs. It’s easy to do online or on our app.
    Order custom postage

    Calculate your mail weight and size

    Measure a sample item to find out how much postage to use. The most affordable option is to send standard size items weighing up to 50 g.
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    Buy stamps in batches

    You can buy stamps in various volumes, such as booklets and rolls. Save money by ordering in batches! Leave 6-8 days for your order to arrive.
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